Wednesday, January 13, 2010

LOST Rewatch: The End of the Beginning

I had not planned to post this until after I finished my final analysis, but was feeling rather sentimental after watching The Incident tonight and wanted to share a few thoughts about my experience. 

Given my penchant for lists, it should be no surprise that I kept track of the details over the last 8 months...

From May 31, 2009 through January 13, 2010:

  • 103 episodes
  • 120 hours of re-watching (includes pausing to take notes)
  • 340 pages of new notes (see notebook above)
  • 412 hours of analysis & posting (except for the final 4 episodes; in progress)

I honestly could not have completed this project without YOU, your patience and support. I will be forever grateful for your interest and eyes. 

Obviously, I still have work to do. I anticipate that my last Rewatch entry will be posted this weekend. Stay tuned, my friends - this is the end of one ride but an entirely new one begins in a few short weeks. 



Dirte said...


Chris said...

Congratulations on finishing (or being two feet from the finish line), and thanks again and again for your incredible efforts. No one else in the online Lost community could do what you've done. Excellent work!

I can't wait to read your last installment, and continue to follow you throughout Season Six!

Danny said...

You will do a final rewatch after Season 6, won't you? I'm sure that, after we know all the answers, so much of what came before will mean something different.

shar said...

I look forward to reading your last entry in the rewatch Jo. Thanks for much for all your hard work. And I agree with Danny, let's do this again after Season 6.

The Calandro's LiHD Blog said...

HOLY COW!!! You did it! Are you the only one that actually made it through the entire rewatch?! You are awesome! Thank you for keeping us entertained in this LONG waiting period! You are so amazing. I can't wait to read your thoughts on last season's finale after going through all 5 seasons in the past few months. Thank you for doing this, Jo.

Sara said...

Hi Jo,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your hard work during this rewatch. I can't even imagine all of the effort that went into it, and I hope you know how appreciated it is.

I can't believe that I hadn't found your blog until this rewatch - I have really enjoyed each one of your posts, I only wish I had found your blog earlier! Still, I'm so happy to get to enjoy your delicious analysis each week for this last season.

Congratulations on finishing and have a wonderful time in Hawaii!

-Sara in NH