Friday, November 20, 2009

What About You? A LOST Contest Teaser

Ten weeks to go, how will we survive?
Waiting since May, devoted Losties deprived.

You know I love contests, and giving items away.
I have a huge new prize; who wants to play?

Follow me on Twitter, become my Facebook friend.
Either one may be essential to win in the end...

Stay tuned for details, I'll post them in a few days.
This is by far the best of my giveaways.


Anonymous said...

JO!!!! you know i love you!! l follow on both!lol

Too Many Hats said...

Cute poem. I follow you on Twitter and sent you a friend request for fb. I cannot wait to read all your weekly thoughts when the new season begins - I always love your theories.

MonkeyFace said...

Jo, I love your contests. I just wish I could win one.
I'm your FB friend, but I don't Tweet or Twitter....hope that won't work against my chances!

February cannot get here fast enough! =)

anna naranja said...

ah, tis the season for a new LOST contest
i'll be paying attention since yours are the best!