Sunday, October 25, 2009

Comment Policy Change

For years I have allowed Anonymous comments on all of my sites, but the time has come to change that policy. I apologize to the 99% of you to whom this does not apply, but unfortunately a few less than polite comments lately have forced me to reconsider. 

It has been my experience as of late that those who feel the need to be rude and/or attack me personally in Comments are not courageous enough to leave their names, email addresses or website URLs in return. I will no longer post or respond to the offensive.  

Those of you who frequent this site are familiar with my style, and know that I am open to all feedback and criticism, as long as it is constructive in nature. That is why I've always chosen to moderate comments before publishing them; I do not want this to be a site where readers disrespect me or one another for sharing our thoughts about the show. I will gladly approve comments which disagree with something I've posted as long as they offer an alternative thought or solution, and avoid personal attacks on either me or fellow readers.

I am going to repeat a few statements that apparently I need to reiterate more often. There is a reason that I label a Crazy Theory of the Week with the word Crazy. This is a purely speculative site, and I never assert that my thoughts and theories are right or the best. In addition, I am not a shipper; relationships are my least favorite aspect of Lost, hands down. As someone who has dedicated five years of my life to theorizing and writing about this series, I am entitled to both love and loathe specific characters. That being said, I do not let that affect my analysis of each episode. I am far more interested in each character's possible motivation than I am with their partner of choice.

If you are upset with my policy change, I encourage you to simply not return. Visit other Lost blogs and forums instead, where comments are never moderated. 

For those of you who would like to continue leaving comments, you may do so using any of the following accounts: AIM, Blogger, Google, LiveJournal, OpenID, Typepad and Wordpress. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.



Cindy said...

I love your site. And your insight into the characters. You see things I would have never seen. And I also sign my name, so I can continue to comment on your blog. :)

Don't let the others bring you down! You should spend your time coming up with Lost theories - not policing your comments.

FunintheSwan said...

Great idea, Jo. I'm hoping this will be your policy for your FlashForward site as well. I love your style of commentary and appreciate your insight as well as your extensive knowledge of the show. Thank you for continuing your work without letting the idiots get you down.

JNL said...

I have been coming here but have never left a comment till now (that I remember)... All I can say it, that sucks for them. I have never left an anonymous comment, and never will.

I will stay a faithful follower...

bianconiglio said...

Quote "All I can say it, that sucks for them".
I agree: first of all they hid themselves and that's not a good thing, cause you don't hid yourself, if you're in peace with yourself. Second: I'm always sad when people attack other people, cause Lost teach you to open your mind and this is a wonderful Lost Blog. Fortunately this is an isolate case (I guess and I hope)

Ciao, Elena :)

Ed said...

Posting comments anonymously is a lot like saying things while you're drunk. You think they are extremely insightful and important, but later on when you sober up and people tell you what you said... not so much. Keep up the good work Jo. Lovin' the insight.

Patty said...

I never followed your blog before the re-watch, but I've really enjoyed reading your insight and "crazy" theories. :) I'm so sorry you've had problems with anonymous posters. I was excited to discover your blog at the beginning of summer, and will continue to follow throughout the next season. And I didn't know you had a FlashForward site, too! I'll be checking that out as well.... Thanks for all your hard work!

thorsten said...

Totally with you here, Jo.
Which is more or less the reason I am posting
under my own name. I had a bad experience on Lostargs last night, so I know how you feel.

The Calandro's LiHD Blog said...

Hooray Jo! I always like reading your comments as it seems that (most) people on your site do offer up their own theories. Good for you. You keep writing, we'll keep reading you (and spreading the word about how great your blog is!)

jojo said...

I love your site and your FF site. Bravo to your dediction.

pgtbeauregard said...

Good Policy Jo. I'm a firm believer that if you have something to say, by all means, post it, but leave your name!

Hopefully this will encourage open dialogue and positive and thoughtful feedback.

Babs said...

I was surprised to see that this has become an issue - mostly because your blog is just that - your opinion. You have never professed to have "insider information", nor to be a direct spokesperson for the show.

When I (and I believe others) come here it is to gain a different, or perhaps similar, perspective on things we've seen or not noticed about the show.

I do recall a recent "little nasty" posted to your Flash Forward blog and as I read it I remember thinking ... "umm OK, clearly she stated her personal bias and the way it may influence her thoughts ..." and pretty much wrote the commenter off as being antagonistic - or more accurately someone who merely skimmed the blog instead of read all you said.

I'm sorry instances like that have come to make you have to state what seems to be the obvious. Perhaps some folks need to be reminded of the things we learned back in kindergarten?

I will say my first post to you was made anonymously mostly because I was in a hurry and also because I don't often post back to blogs and simply wanted to let you know I appreciated that particular topic. Since I have become a "fan" of your thoughts and writing style I have posted under my name.

I am sure there are many more like me that read your blog and rarely, if ever post back, but nonetheless look forward to the insight. So keep up the good work and know it is truly appreciated! We all understand it is your passion for Lost and Flash Forward that keeps you going and if we had the time, energy or truly your thought process and writing style we'd likely have our own blogs too!