Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Island of Lost Maps: An Unofficial LOST Book Club Recommendation

The Island of Lost Maps: A True Story of Cartographic Crime, written by Miles Harvey, is about the strange and nefarious world of classical map theft.  While most of this book has relatively nothing to do with Lost, there are a few key passages of note.  Special thanks to fellow Lost fan Glenn S. for bringing it to my attention!

For your consideration and interpretation:

"I see a planet strikingly different from our own, a world full of blank spaces and nevernever lands. The Arctic region is a massive donut of land, broken up by four rivers that lead into a polar ocean, through which water was thought to flow to the center of the Earth. From this strange sea rises a giant MAGNETIC BLACK ROCK."  

After reading the book, Glenn suggested that I research the Inventio Fortunata, which is an ancient book that describes the North Pole as a magnetic island. The book went missing in the late 1400's, only to be summarized in a second text by a traveller named JACOBUS, who believed that "if vessels once enter, they cannot be driven back by the wind." In addition, there are some who believe that Jacobus was trying to prove that this magnetic region directly correlates to the function of a COMPASS. 

Glenn is convinced that the Lost island is the "magnetic" North Pole of lore (which would account for the useless compasses), and that exiting the island through a river that flows through the center of the earth somehow leads you to Tunisia, Australia or Egypt. Given that we don't see how one arrives in Tunisia after a turn of the Frozen Donkey Wheel, that "Australia is key" and that there are Egyptian hieroglyphics and influences all over the island, I am a fan of Glenn's line of thinking. 

In a recent Rewatch post, I analyzed the many cold locales and items that have been referenced on Lost over the last five seasons as they relate to one of my crazy island theories, which is why Glenn contacted me about this book. I appreciate the recommendation and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, my friend!

If any of you have read the book or want to offer your insights and thoughts - be my guest! 


Scoutpost said...

I like it! Guess I'll have to go look for this book.

thorsten said...



MadAriad said...

Wow - Great find! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory about the Island being the North Pole...

pgtbeauregard said...


After reading your theories about the island being somewhere in the Arctic, and all of the references to cold items, you really have me thinking you're onto something. Why else would TPTB have the men in the igloo watching for the island.

I have become a fan of yours over the summer - keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

The next entry in this blog starts with a photo of Eko's stick that includes the quote, "Lift up your eyes and look North." Sure, that was a message for Locke in a specific plot device, but perhaps it has a larger meaning.

Faraday is also fascinated with the way light falls on the island, as are the Losties in the beginning.