Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary, LOST: An Ode to 815

Five years ago today, when LOST debuted on ABC, I had no idea that a television series would so strongly affect and alter my life. The fact that you're here, that you take the time to visit Lost-specific sites, leads me to believe that you probably feel the same way. You, as they say, are my people. The dedication and fervor of Lost fans has grown tremendously over the last five years; I am inspired by and appreciate the online community every single day.

On the anniversary of the crash of fictional Flight 815, I find myself feeling rather sentimental. Last night I was in serious contemplation mode, and wound up writing this silly little ode to our favorite show.

Pilot Seth Norris is not scheduled to fly;
Frank J. Lapidus was supposed to be their guy.

September twenty-second, two thousand four.
A plane left from Sydney, and ended up on the shore.

Jack's on the airplane, 23A.
Drinking his vodka en route to LA.

Charlie's in the restroom, getting a drug fix.
They hit light turbulence, or so Jack predicts.

Kate's in handcuffs, drinking her OJ.
In custody of the Marshal, she didn't get away.

Below on an island, a man named Desmond Hume
Didn't enter numbers, thus 815 went...boom.

He unleashed a force quite electromagnetic.
An event accidental, or possibly prophetic.

Oceanic Airlines flight Eight Fifteen,
Breaks apart and disappears, never to be seen.

Tail section in the water, Bernard up in a tree,
Fuselage on the beach, red shirts yelling "help me!"

Jack's in the jungle, party of one.
Christian sends dog Vincent, "go see my son."

A bald man on the beach discovers he can walk;
Previously in a wheelchair, this comes as quite a shock.

Claire is eight months pregnant, sitting among the debris.
Hurley helps her; his first words are "oh, you got to be kidding me."

Pretty boy Boone tries to revive a Rose,
While his spoiled 'sister' Shannon is less than composed.

A monster of sorts is heard but not seen,
Could be animal, man or even machine.

Five years ago tonight, LOST changed TV.
They had us at "Walt!" and "guys, where are we?"

Upon Season Six, we're not sure what's next;
Except that it involves a little place called LAX...

I would love to hear your stories; where you were on 9/22/04 and your experiences watching Lost for the very first time. Share your thoughts in the Comments, and thank you for acknowledging and celebrating this day in Lost history with me!



The ODI said...

First of all, you know how much this show means to me!! I will never forget this past years ComicCon screaming and yelling out trivia like we did!!

The friendships that I have made for life are amazing and all due to a "TV Show"... :)

5 Years ago...

I rushed home from my daily routine to realized I missed the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode and was bummed!! However, the rest of the episode was amazing and I knew it was going to be a great show!!

Boy I had NOOOOO idea how great and how it would change many of our lives!

Watching every week I was intrigued and I think it was after watching Walkabout is when I realized that this was a show I would never miss and never have.

Thanks for all the hard work you and all the other LOST fans do in the online community!

Happy Birthday LOST!!

FunintheSwan said...

Graet job, Jo! Thanks for being such a great leader in this amazing Lost fan community, that means so much to so many of us.

I was really looking forward to the pilot and of course watched with my mouth hanging open from the first sight of the wreckage. But they had me for sure when we first "saw" the "monster." Oh Yes. They Had Me.

LotteryTicket said...

"party of five" hahahahah

nice job
The only thing I remember is the 'thud' at the end bringing me back to my living room and the real world. And total silence in the house. Then a *whoosh* of talking in confused random phrases.

Your pin had a great time in Chicago at Zap2LockeCon.

You're a machine with hiatus rewatch and can't keep up. Waiting for the snows to fly to give me more 'indoor' time.

Hoping we get a LU class together.

Happy Lost Anniversary all.

Arcticroses said...

And that is why you are one of my favorite bloggers! I love your Ode. Thanks for sharing with us!

Simone said...

Jo!! Fantastic!!

AND you posted at 1.08!!!

just TOOOO good!!

thorsten said...

Lost started for me one year later. It always takes time for the good stuff to reach german airwaves, and then the silly TV-people have to dub and germanize everything. So I expected LOST to be Survivor with a better soundtrack. The DVD-Box of season one appeared together with the first video-capable iPod, so I ripped the whole thing down to that format and watched LOST in bed. Boy, was I stunned after I figured out that there was a strong whiff of NOT-MAINSTREAM-COMPATIBLE mythology going on. The great thing is that I did not have to wait a year for finding Desmond in the hatch, because season 2 was finished already in the states when I got hooked. And, yeah, I had this former bunker, with an Apple II and this irish book stuffed in a corner…

Anonymous said...

That was to cool. Thanks for doing what you do. I really enjoy your post.

Anonymous said...

Ode To Lost.

Well done!

Memoirgirl said...

I didn't watch Lost right away because I loved Alias and knew Lost was sucking all the good ideas/energy from J.J. and his other writers. I felt I needed to be loyal to Sydney before moving on.

I watched a little here and there but when I started asking my husband's friend, a tv writer who watched it religiously, about the show, I knew it was time to "get my own," so to speak.

I just finished watching the first season and plan to watch the entire series before the 2010 debut. One thing for sure, it is a very fun show.

Anonymous said...

I started watching Lost when the second season ended. I watched the first two seasons in a matter of a week!

I was not aware of this show and suddenly I was a HUGE fan.

Kaiti said...

I first experienced Lost when the first season came out on DVD. I was a New Orleans resident during Katrina, so I was staying with my parents in the Midwest, wandering around their basement in a state of shock. Without much to do, I went and bought the first season of Lost and spent the next few days plowing through it. Watching those stranded characters deal with their emotions was exactly what I needed in those days, and I cried my way through a lot of the more emotional moments. By the time the second season premiered shortly after, certain issues in New Orleans had been resolved for me, so I was able to jump in with a clearer head. I have been hooked ever since.

bianconiglio said...

I'm just sitting here and feel a part of the world.

Thank you, Jo. :)

Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of Lord of the Rings and used to read theonering.net blog. It mentioned that Dominick M. was going to be on a mystery suspense show called Lost and there was some buzz about the show at Comic Con. I really looked forward to watching the pilot episode and sneaked down to the basement to watch the show away from my young kids just in case it was really violent. And sure enough it was violent with the crash aftermath. But I liked it. I loved that there was something mysterious go on. I thought it was like Survivor but better in that there was a deeper yet unexplored meaning to the show. After Walkabout I realized there were fan sites devoted to the hidden Lost mysteries like SledgeWeb's lost.cubit.net. I was not alone, others were into Lost. I started listening to podcasts like the Transmission and I knew that this Lost show would be a great fan experience like LOTR. I started my own blog and convinced a family member to podcast with me and here we are!
By the way, thanks JO for your great blog during our rewatch, it's my favorite.

Babs said...

When I first saw the previews for "Lost" I must admit, I didn't think it was a show I would like. I assumed it would be a series much like the reality show "Survivor". But there I was that Sunday night with nothing to do and nothing to watch so I tuned in - and from the opening sequence I was hooked! I called everyone I knew and told then they must watch this show.

I could never have imagined we'd be where we are today from that first episode. I often find myself telling others the pure genius the writers and producers have to keep it alive and constantly enthralling.

It is a true testament to these individuals that they moved the show to a half year season and make us wait 9 months (think about it, for the last several years, we could have given birth in the time we wait for the season premiere!) and still maintain AND gain their audience.

It has been stated before but I must echo the sentiments that I cannot wait for the new and final season, but it will be so bitter sweet as been such a part of my TV viewing life as well as my "water can" conversation these last years - I will truly feel the loss when it is over!

As always, thanks so much for you're dedicated posts. I look forward to them almost as much as I do the weekly episodes. I wish I had your discipline!