Thursday, August 27, 2009

LOST ReWatch Week #12: S.O.S., Two for the Road & ?

Greetings, Lost Rewatch friends!

I would like to dedicate this post to my new friend Yvonne, who sent me a very sweet email about my Rewatch articles; I really appreciated her kind words. At the end of a long day at work, there are times when I question if I have it in me to keep up at this pace. So thank you for the encouragement and support, Yvonne - and all of you who are kind enough to leave comments and read along! I am truly enjoying this project, and your participation fuels and inspires my desire to continue through the very end.

I am now about one week behind schedule, and it helped that there were only three episodes in this batch. But what a trio they were...I'd mentioned before that Michael's murder of Ana Lucia and Libby ranks very high on my list of the most shocking Lost moments ever, and watching that scene again resulted in the same goosebumps.


In S4 (The Shape of Things to Come), Hurley said that "Australia is the key to the whole game." [Of course we all know that much of Hurley's dialogue is written for us, the dedicated viewers; that his character seems to speak directly to us at times.]

Clearly, Hurley was not just referring to their board game of Risk when he said that, and Isaac's speech to Rose reminded me Hurley's words:
"There are certain places with great energy. Spots on the earth, like the one we're above now. Perhaps this energy is geological, magnetic. Or perhaps it's something else. And when possible, I harness the energy and give it to others. I can't do anything for you, Rose. It's not that you can't be healed. Like I said, it's different energies. This is not the right place for you."
I know that the plane allegedly crashed thousands of miles off course, far from where they originated in Sydney. Geographically and logistically speaking, I know this sounds crazy, but what if the island is BELOW Australia somehow? Isaac said that the spot below him had great energy, possible magnetic. Sound familiar?

And I just can't get the image of the island 'disappearing' out of my head when I think about this possibility...

Crossing Paths

Before boarding Flight 815, Rose sees Locke in his wheelchair. (S.O.S.)

Ana Lucia meets Jack's father Christian Shephard at an airport bar, and accompanies him to Sydney to work as his bodyguard for a few days. (Two for the Road)

In Sydney, Christian opens a car door into Sawyer while arguing with Ana Lucia, and proceeds to later have a conversation with him in a bar. (Two for the Road)

Eko travels to Sydney to investigate a 'miracle' that happens to the daughter of Richard Malkin, Claire's psychic. (?) [sidenote: fascinating to ponder that Malkin is the reason that both Claire and Eko were on Flight 815...]

Foreshadowing Dialogue

Eko: "People are saved in different ways."
Rose: "You'll be out of that splint and running around the island in no time."
Locke: "Jack said it would be four weeks."
Rose: "You and I know it's not going to take that long."
Kate: "I'm sorry I kissed you."
Jack: "I'm not."
Two for the Road
Ben: "You killed two of us, good people who were leaving you alone. You're the killer, Ana Lucia."
Locke: "Why'd you try to hurt Ana Lucia but not me?"
Ben: "Because you're one of the good ones."
Christian: "Maybe fate has just thrown the two of us together."
Ana Lucia: "Why would fate do that?"
Christian: "Same reason fate does anything; so we can help each other out."
Christian: "Fate's calling, Sarah." [extra creepy points for calling Ana Lucia by his son's wife's name]

Christian: "I can't ever go back."
Ana Lucia, to Eko in his vision: "You need to help John."
Eko: "We are being tested."

Locke, re: pushing the button: "The reason not to do it is not because we are told to do so; we do it because we believe we are meant to."

Locke: "I was never meant to do anything. Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button."
Jo vs. The Volcano

There are a select few who have enjoyed debating the topic of the island volcano with me over the last few years, but I contend that it is still relevant enough that it might be addressed before the end of S6...I would not be surprised at all to learn that the violent movement from a volcanic eruption caused the 4 toed statue to crumble.

As I have mentioned before, Dharma teacher Olivia Goodspeed discussed the volcano on the island in young Ben's class (note the text on the blackboard behind her).

Another strong clue that it was active at one point in time? Bernard used black rocks "from a lava field" in S.O.S.


In S1 (Exodus, Part 1), we see Ana Lucia meet Jack in the airport bar.

In S2 (Two for the Road), we see Ana Lucia meet Jack's father Christian in an airport bar.

Significant Moments/Firsts

In S.O.S., Kate actually tells Jack what she found when they were apart; the Others' costumes and make-up. For the first two seasons, it was frustrating that this small group never seemed to communicate their dangers and discoveries to each other.

We get our first inkling that Christian Shephard possibly has familial ties in Australia when he makes an inappropriate and inebriated early morning visit to a mysterious blond woman (whom I believe we later learn to be Claire's aunt).

Richard Malkin, Claire's psychic and the reason that she was on Flight 815, admitted to Eko that he was a fraud. He said that he "gathers information about people and exploits it." Sounds just like our friend Benjamin Linus...

In ?, we see for the first time that all of the Dharma stations and hatches are being monitored on small video cameras, and that the hub for surveillance is the Pearl.

Dr. Pierre Chang uses the pseudonym Mark Wickman in the Pearl Orientation Film; at this point in the series, we'd only seen him as Marvin Candle, and would later learn that he also used the pseudonym Edgar Halliwax.

[sidenote: the Pearl video was clearly created BEFORE the incident, as Chang has full use of his left hand & arm - and yet this film was on a more modern beta cassette, whereas the Swan film was on actual old school style film...]


I just wanted to point out yet another brilliant move on Ben's part. In a prior episode, Ben planted the "trade one of us for one of you" seed in Jack's head, and in S.O.S. Jack approached the topic with Ben as if it were his own idea. Score one for the manipulative little mastermind.

One of my favorite Ben looks in Season 2 occurred when that sinister smirk appeared on his face as he listened to a desperate Locke outside of the armory door.

Ben told Locke that he was on his way to find him when he got caught in Rousseau's net. One part of me believes that it was true; that he was ready to meet the new island leader, or at least put his leadership skills to the test. The other part of me thinks that he purposefully got caught in her net, knowing that she'd hand him over to the 815 crew; that he wanted to integrate in order to glean their pecking order from the inside, regardless of the physical cost (given that he had dossiers on all passengers & was familiar with their histories - like Sayid - he knew what he was he was in for and probably assumed that the island and/or Jacob would protect him).

Ben & Jacob

When Ben told Jack that "they'll never give you Walt," I am now assuming that he meant Jacob wouldn't. In the mobisode Room 23 (which I am almost sure has been confirmed as canon), Ben said that Jacob wanted Walt there. So when Ben made the deal with Michael to hand over Jack, Kate and Sawyer for Walt...I wonder if Jacob sent the order via Richard Alpert or if Ben made that decision on his own.

Listening to Ben tell Locke that Jacob "is a great man, a brilliant man, but not a forgiving man" in Two for the Road...I almost feel sorry for him because of the lengths he goes to on behalf of this man he's never met who has zero respect for him.

Ben & Michael

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during that first conversation between Ben and Michael after he killed the two women and then shot himself in the arm.

Obviously they struck the deal for Michael to lure Jack, Kate and Sawyer to the Others in exchange for Walt's freedom. But you have to agree that it would have been a stellar scene to observe.

For the record, from the moment that Michael chose to kill Ana Lucia and Libby because he believed it was the only way to save his son...I had zero sympathy for his character. Redemption or not (S4), what he did was for some reason far harder to swallow than any of Ben's insane moves and murders.


In addition to the fact that Hurley seems to exist as our window in their world, I absolutely adore his pop culture references. In Two for the Road, his attempt to describe "Say Anything" to Sayid was classic!

It is kind of ironic and sad that some of the last words that Hurley ever spoke to Libby were, "maybe if I get drunk enough, I'll remember where I know you from."

Libby's death was rather excruciating and uncomfortable to watch again, and I applaud both Cynthia Watros and Jorge Garcia for creating one of the most touching, painful and emotional moments in the history of the show. The look of absolute horror on her face as she passes away is haunting, especially given that her last word was "Michael" (in an attempt to warn her friends; they misinterpreted it as her concern for his well being).


Just an amusing observation: when he and Eko discover the Pearl hatch, Locke has the look of a young boy entering Disneyland for the first time.

It is a riveting, seminal moment in the overall series when Locke begins to lose faith just as Eko discovers it. It is not mere coincidence that we witness the apparent failure of a Faith Healer during a flashback in this same batch of episodes...

Mystery Man/NotLocke

For those of you on board with Mystery Man having appeared in ghostly form as other deceased people on the island in earlier episodes...

In ?, when Yemi appeared to Eko in the Swan, it was very reminiscent of Ghost Alex's interaction with Ben in S5 (Dead is Dead); both Yemi and Alex instructed them to listen to and follow John Locke:
Yemi: "The work being done in this place is important; more important than anything. And it is in danger. You must help John, he has lost his way. Make him take you to the question mark. John will not want to show you, so you must make him. WHAT'S DONE IS DONE."
Alex: "You listen to every word John Locke says, and you will follow his every order."
So the obvious question is - was Mystery Man using the shells of both Yemi and Alex to deliver those messages, to instruct people to assist the man who's shell he would eventually take over for himself? Also keep in mind that when Ghost Yemi appeared to Eko in his vision, he was sitting in Locke's wheelchair....

Rose and Bernard

Of course this will never be answered, but I wonder who Bernard told about Rose's "situation," because the person that recommended Isaac of Uluru is the reason that they were in Australia (and on Flight 815). Perhaps Bernard was also visited by Jacob at some point...

IF there is a reset of some kind, or we find ourselves in an alternate timeline in S6, I wonder if Rose will either be ill or deceased. I suppose it depends upon L. Scott Caldwell's availability, but I also think that they seemed to wrap up the tale of Rose and Bernard for good at the end of S5.


I tend to favor post S4 Sawyer, especially once he settled down with Juliet - but in Two for the Road, I was reminded that he was the island's man-whore for a time; he slept with Ana Lucia, Kate and Juliet.

And don't get me started with just how awkward and wrong his tumble in the jungle with Ana Lucia was...

Tune in next week, as we analyze Michael's betrayal and reunion with Walt at the end of S2, and enter the world of the Others in S3. Please make sure to also visit my fellow Lost Rewatch sites as well, for their take on these older episodes!

Thank you for reading, and have a nice weekend.


Pete said...

Isn't ghost Alex supposed to be the same as ghost Locke now whereas ghost Yemi wanted Eko to follow the real Locke?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hate Sawyer's tumble in the jungle with Ana-Lucia at all. There was more passion and chemistry in that moment than in all Sawyer/Juliet scenes combined.

thorsten said...

Isaac of Uluru always gives me the creeps, because Wayne Pygram was 'Scorpius' in the really great Farscape. Loacationwise, for me Isaacs speech was about establishing the force of the island, enforcing the impact of Rose and Locke being healed. My guess ist that moving the island changed it's temporal position, not the location.
People are saved in different ways: I got myself Ekos Action Figure (with a frame of the Orientation film) in Berlin last week ;)
Good catch with the Pearl video, Jo! Maybe different timelines are intersecting on the Island, so this tape could originate from a past in which the Incident was not as violent. Or they used video in the Pearl early on, because of all the surveillance going on. Or they could not use magnetic tape in the Swan, because it could get erased if you carry it too close to the wall. But maybe the writers used tape because they did not want to lessen the dramatic impact spliced film as a device in the Swan had…
I consider all mobisodes canon. I especially liked the reveal that Ethan provided a suitcase full of meds. They are the good guys, after all.
John Locke is the man. I would have never made it down the ladder to the Pearl with that leg!
And, yes, 'Esau' was Yemi, and later Alex. After YemiEsau was done with Eko, he called his dog to kill the man. Esau needed Locke to continue to believe in his specialness and destiny, hence he used Yemi as a tool to steer him closer to the loophole.

Great job, Jo, thanks,
till next week!

B. said...

Thank you for keeping up with these rewatch posts. I started the rewatch on my own in June without any knowledge of the "offical" rewatch going on online. When I found all the blogs I was so excited. Unfortunately, as others have pointed out, many seem to have lost steam with the rewatch so it is great to see you keeping up. I visit your site every day hoping for a new post.

In addition to that, your format is awesome and your insights really illustrate how great this show is. I was scratching my head over your "crazy Charlie theory" but at the same time I love that you allow yourself to have fun and make those leaps.

Regarding your theory that the island is somehow connected to Australia, have you ever considered that, in the Bible, Isaac is the father of Jacob?

Also, you asked a post or two back who Jack's wife was having the affair with. I thought it was revealed that she was having the affair with Christian. Am I crazy and just making connections that aren't there?

MonkeyFace said...

Thank you for your rewatch recaps. I really love reading them. You help bring little details to light that I may have overlooked.

Good Job, Jo!

Anonymous said...

More appreciation for keeping this going.

Regardless of whether the island is volcanic (and why not? most of those South Pacific islands are), I'm convinced it's the polar opposite of the place in Tunisia where the exit is. Which possibly also explains Yemi's plane and Charlotte's polar bear skeleton.

I put the island roughly at -32,-171 at least when Locke and Ben emerge in the Sahara.

Dead Ana Lucia also says to follow Locke. I was surprised Sawyer was so blown away by her death. I mean, she used him because she wanted his gun.

And Michael didn't mean to kill Libby. I wasn't even sure if he'd planned to kill Ana Lucia.

Wonder if Hurley will ever figure out where he knew Libby from...all those unresolved Libby questions.


Anonymous said...

Thorsten: Ingenious theory about why they had to use film at the Swan!

B: Jack was so full of anger towards the situation that he assumed that his father was having an affair with his wife. That helped make Sarah turn against Jack and leave him.

Jo: First time for everything! I didn't disagree with anything you said in the recap!

I've decided that if Darlton ever do a post-"Lost" Q&A, I would ask them what's the one thing they would change from the earlier seasons that might not fit in that well with the show's final episodes...

Capcom said...

Ditto the thanks for your rewatch recaps! I've loaned out all my previous season Lost DVDs to relatives so that they can catch up before Season 6, and now I can't rewatch! So I'm doing it vicariously via your recaps. :-D

Your image and thoughts on Ben's smirk about Locke and conversation with Jack, really makes me wonder about MIB and whether it was really him that Ben had been inadvertently taking orders from sometimes, rather then Jacob, since: a) MIB possibly wanted Locke since 815 crashed for his loophole, and b) Ben speaking of "Him" as being a very unforgivable man as you mention. Wow.

shar said...

Jo, just wanted to tell you I'm really enjoying your rewatch recaps. I'd never read your blog before these. I can't even remember how I found it but I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts during Season 6. Keep up the good work. And Thanks!!

Dustin Winebrenner said...

I kind of assume Ben was willing to put himself in danger's way because he knew, in a "whatever happened, happened" world, he would live through these events. I assume Dan Faraday's journal told Ben he'd live at least until the 316 plane landed in 2007. After all, that's why he was building that runway for himself.

However, if so, it doesn't really make sense that Ben seems awfully afraid of dying from that spinal tumor.

I thought is was Ms. Kleugh and company who came up with the idea of Michael bringing back Jack, Kate, and Sawyer -- not Ben's idea. Although clearly the reason they kept these guys in cages was all for Ben's benefit. However, Ben says he was upset that Ms. Kleugh negotiated the release of Michael and Walt.

B: The show was definitely leading us to believe that Sarah was having her affair with Christian. I wanted to believe it cause I used to thing Christian was the key to the show. Now this plot line seems abandoned and pretty irrelevant, so I guess we won't find out.

B. said...

Dustin--Now that I've watched a few eps forward, we do find out who Sarah is having the affair with, but it is no one significant. The ep leads us to believe it's Christian because this is what Jack suspects, but at the end of the ep she gets into a car with some dude we've never seen before and it is explained that Christian was calling her to help Jack.

Nurby said...

Oh gosh I am behind and trying to catch up. Just made it to these episodes.

first my question is, is there any significance to the candle references in Marvin's name. Candle, wax, wick. I currently can't think of a significance of what a candle would have, but it's on purpose, so I know I'm missing something.

I did realize reading your post and thinking about yemi and mystery man. That there are two different things that happen on the island and I wonder if that is significant. There are encounters with dead or non-explainable characters... Kate's black horse, Jack's Dad, Hurley's imaginary friend. But then there are dreams/visions and so far I think Eko, Locke and Claire have had dreams/visions and Kate, Hurley, Jack, Ben have had encounters. I wonder if there is a difference between those and if the difference is significant.

Will spend this weekend trying to catch up.