Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lost ReWatch Week #10: The Hunting Party, Fire + Water, The Long Con & One of Them

Hello again, and welcome to this week's installment of the Lost Rewatch! I am still trying to catch up and am not yet posting according to the official schedule, so I appreciate your patience. And I have been under the weather for a week; apologies in advance for the brevity of this post and any errors or inconsistencies.

So let's isolate ourselves in a makeshift armory and investigate this batch of episodes...

Crossing Paths

Sawyer is served by Kate's mother Diane at the diner where he meets with fellow con man Gordy.

Kate meets Sawyer's ex Cassidy in S3 (Left Behind) and she helps Kate find a way to see her mother.

Kate's non-biological father Sam Austen "worked" with Sayid during Desert Storm.

Desmond's former Swan hatch bunk mate Kelvin Inman was stationed in Kuwait with Sam Austen during Desert Storm. He also "worked" with Sayid.

Foreshadowing/Significant Dialogue

The Hunting Party
Tom: "Walt's a very special boy."
Fire + Water
Hurley, to Libby: "Do I know you from somewhere?"
The Long Con
Sawyer: "There's a new sheriff in town, boys."

Sawyer, to Kate: "You run, I con. A tiger don't change its stripes."

Sawyer, to Cassidy: "Let's go find an island somewhere and sit on a beach drinking mojitos until we go toes up."

Sayid & Hurley, regarding radio signal:
S: "It could be coming from anywhere."
H: "Or any TIME."
One of Them
Rousseau, about Ben: "Don't believe a word he says. He's one of them. He's lying. He will lie for a long time."

Locke: "We're ALL Others."

Inman, to Sayid: "One of these days, there will be something you need to know. And now you know how to get it."

Upon her arrival as an outsider on the survivor's beach, Jack protects and defends Ana Lucia exactly like he does when Juliet arrives a few seasons later.

Sayid's former Iraqi commander Tariq "personally supervised the use of sarin gas" on the village where Sayid had relatives (S2, One of Them). In S3, Ben admitted to overseeing the Purge that killed off most of the remaining Dharma folks on the island; he told Jack that "I made a decision that took the lives of over forty people in one day."

Significant Firsts/Moments

We meet Cassidy, the future baby mama of Sawyer's daughter Clementine.

Locke meets Ben.

Jack meets Ben and saves his life for the first (but not last) time.

Ben receives his first of MANY beatings at the hands of the survivors.

We get our first glimpse of hieroglyphics on the island when Locke is late pushing the buttons and the countdown clock in the Swan starts to malfunction.

Vision Quest

Of the many "dreams"that we've witnessed on Lost, Charlie's religious vision of his mother and Claire is rather significant and illuminating. He sees them as angels on the beach, and they're repeating "the baby's in danger; you have to save him."

His vision places those he loves in similar positions as those in the Baptism of Christ painting above (that I believe was in his childhood home).

He wanted Claire to have Aaron baptized to protect him from unknown dangers, and that Eko was the one who performed the baptism explains the appearance in Charlie's vision of Eko's brother Yemi's yellow plane crashing behind Claire and Megan on the beach.

Note the black and white birds in the painting...a white dove flies above the women on the beach as Yemi's plane crashes in a plume of black smoke in the background.

If anyone can enlighten me as to the significance of Hurley in the religious robes in Charlie's vision...I'm all ears.

The Visual and The Visceral

In Fire + Water (S2), talented young Charlie is playing piano while being told he's special by his mother Megan.

In The Variable (S5), talented young Daniel Faraday is playing piano while being told he's special by his mother Eloise Hawking.

There are stuffed polar bears in the crib when Charlie and Drive Shaft are filming their diaper commercial.


I have covered this before in depth (click here to read my thoughts about the island's volcano, and disregard the few points which have since been debunked)...but there is a volcano on the island and Sawyer's remark about Mt. Vesuvius in The Hunting Party reminded me that perhaps this volcano will remain one of the unsolved mysteries when all is said and done on Lost.

By the way, be sure to watch the second Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative video to learn more about the elusive Olivia Goodspeed (pictured above; she accompanied Horace to the island and was the Dharma schoolteacher who discussed the volcano).

Ben (Henry/Benry Gale)

It is fascinating to think about the fact that all of the following had occurred BEFORE Ben (as Henry Gale) got himself captured on purpose by Rousseau in order to infiltrate the lives of the Flight 815 survivors...

  • Ben sent Goodwin to the Tail Section crash beach as punishment for his affair with Juliet; he was killed by Ana Lucia
  • Mikhail was compiling background details about the survivors at the Flame station
  • Ben showed Juliet a video to prove that her sister and nephew were alive
  • Ben cooked a romantic dinner for Juliet and then took her to see Goodwin's body; "you're mine!"
  • After being kidnapped off of the raft by Tom & the Others, Walt was taken to Hydra Island for "tests"
  • In the Pearl station, Ben and Juliet watched Jack in the Swan via secret camera.
Ben & Sayid

It seems unlikely that (although they have had much of what has happened on this show mapped out since day one) they would have instructed Michael Emerson to play Ben's first introduction to Sayid with a hint of recognition.

Yes, we now know that Sayid shot Young Ben in S5 (He's Our You) after he had time shifted back to 1977. But I am conflicted about their 'first' introduction in One of Them, if I am to follow the "what happened, happened" mantra and primarily because of this speech by Sayid:
"I was a good man. I did things I wish I could erase from my memory, things which I never thought myself to be capable of. But I did come to learn this...there was a part of me which was always capable."
Charles Widmore

The real Henry Gale's hot air balloon was branded with the name Widmore.

Knowing that Widmore had been trying to find and/or return to the island after his banishment, it seems that he sent Gale on this doomed mission. I have a feeling that Ben killed Gale because of his obvious connection to Widmore...


With the possibility of a reset or alternate reality/timeline in Season 6 (given new life via the Comic-Con commercials featuring Oceanic, Kate & Hurley), I am strongly standing behind my Crazy Charlie Theory. Again, take into consideration as you read it that it was written before the end of S5 and that some points are now moot.

I will say this...the lengths that Charlie goes to in order to protect Aaron on the island are very reminiscent of Desmond's efforts to save Charlie in Season 3.

And because Charlie is quite relevant and I am in the linking is a look a theory that I am particularly proud of, and it relates to the Crazy Charlie Theory; Faraday programmed the Looking Glass station security code that Charlie cracked before sacrificing himself for what he thought would result in the rescue of his friends.


I just thought it was funny that he revealed that he used to have a turtle named Stuart. Stuart Radzinsky came to mind, although he's much more like a wild hare than a quiet turtle.


Crying women tend to kiss and then flee from Jack. First Kate, then his deceased patient's hot daughter, then Juliet. Pattern, party of one!

In The Hunting Party, both his fathter Christian and Other Tom talk about crossing a virtual line...and of course Jack stomps across both of them with his stubborn glory.

Not that this is relevant, but do we ever find out who Jack's wife Sarah was seeing; who she left him for? I realize that I am always attempting to connect everyone, but would you really be surprised to find out that she was with someone we've already met?


For a brief second during One of Them, I thought perhaps the downed helicopter pilot that Sam Austen and Kelvin Inman were searching for in Kuwait might turn out to be none other than Frank Lapidus. And then Sayid informed them that the pilot had been executed. Then again, we never see proof of that, and this is Lost...


That she points out how the washer and dryer in the Swan hatch are more modern than anything else down there seems to indicate a fairly recent delivery.

I seriously doubt that appliances are brought to the island in the same manner as the Dharma food drops (which Darlton said will be addressed/answered in S6) or via submarine. Now that we've seen the underground system of tunnels, it seems plausible that larger items such as appliances and Dharma vans are somehow delivered to the island and then distributed to various locations using the tunnels.

Logistically could Hurley have stepped on Libby's foot on Flight 815 if she was in the back of the plane? She indicated that this happened when he boarded, but Hurley's seat was in row 20 if I remember correctly.


Before the reveal in S5 (Dead is Dead), I'd always wondered by Rousseau never told Jack & co. who Ben really was when she captured him in the net.

Obviously the threat of Ben hurting her daughter Alex loomed large, which is why she kept her mouth shut...even though we now know he would have never hurt her. On second thought, he did play Russian Roulette with her life and lost that game to Keamy.

Stay tuned for the next installment, as we revisit and analyze Claire with Ethan after she was taken, Sun's pregnancy & infidelity, the blast door hatch map in the Swan and Hurley's imaginary friend Dave. Good times!

Seriously, thank you for reading along and for your comments. Believe me when I tell you that I would not be dedicating this much time and energy to such a project if it weren't for the fantastic feedback and support.

As always, I also encourage you to follow along with my fellow Rewatch friends as they apply their fresh perspective to the earlier episodes.



Hillary said...

Wow, how could you resist saying 'party of five' instead of "party of one"? OK, I'm glad you passed on that. :)

Sayid & Hurley, regarding radio signal:
S: "It could be coming from anywhere."
H: "Or any TIME."

I *recently* read/heard Darlton mention this as being an early introduction to the possibilities of parallel time lines. Possibly a Comic Con interview. (I need to start vigilantly bookmarking my Lost facts with notations for future references such as these.)

Some had said that Danielle didn't really see Ben when he took Alex, as his face was shadowed when he entered her tent. We saw him clearly, but she did not. When I rewatched the ep, I have to agree. And if she didn't have any interaction with Ben for 16 years, his voice may not have sounded familiar.

This is the first I've heard about the Widmore connection to the balloon! This is why I love your posts. :)

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

thorsten said...

We know that Latin is part of the 'Others 101', but why would DHARMA build a countdown watch into the hatch after the Incident that shows hieroglyphs in it's emergency state? Did we ever see the Initiative use old egyptian in any other place, except on the blackboard in the school, and were they aware of the hieroglyph infested tunnels beneath their village?

Mike said...


Not entirely season 2 specific (but it's never too early to think of things left out), Darlton spoke about Jeremy Bentham being chosen because of the panopticon. When they first introduced that, the first thought i had was the Pearl station (Which ho, is coming up!), but since it should be season 5 specific, do you think they answered what the panopticon reference truly was? Is that supposed to be our clue into Not-Locke? Is Locke his viewing center to see all of his prisoners?

Dustin Winebrenner said...

Fire + Water is definitively my all time least favorite episode. Hurley's wearing Moses robes. Moses it the brother of Aaron and mentioned friggin' all the time in Lost, even in "The Incident." But why Hurley wears 'em in the dream -- no clue.

Once Ben shows up the overall plot explodes into the show that we know it as now. He doesn't remember Sayid and the gang (presumably) because of Richard Alpert's mind wipe. But I've got a feeling he should know some stuff about the Lostaways from Dan Faraday's journal, of which Ben has some photocopies in his Hydra office.

While Ben's first episodes are brilliant and hilarious, I think it's pretty clear TPTB had no idea where the character was going. His convos are pretty inconsitent with both what's true and what Ben would be after.

I think it's pretty inconsistent that Rousseau didn't tell the Losties who Ben was. Instead she just hands him over to strangers. This is the guy who stole Alex -- she'd take him away and torture him herself! (Like she did Sayid)

I can't shake this feeling that our Losties are not done in the 70's. I think there's more we have to see: Did Dharma and Others work together on the protocol? Why else would there by hieroglyphics on the countdown clock? And of course, we need Hurley to possibly record the numbers and Richard Alpert to "see" the Losties "die."

Brad said...

Regarding your list of what Ben did before we first meet him as Henry Gale, my fantasy is that they release some sort of chronological version of the show on blu-ray.

Libby didn't want Hurley to realize that he remembered her from the pysch ward, so she made up the "we met on the plane" story to cover herself. That's how I took it, anyway.

Keep up the good work..I am LOVING this rewatch!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hurley is supposed to be the angel...

Kenneth Taylor said...

If we go by the "Baptism of Christ" painting, it would seem that Hurley is playing the role of John the Baptist. Later in this episode, when Eko is baptizing Claire and Aaron, he tells her, "It is said that when John the Baptist baptized Jesus the skies opened up and a dove flew down from the sky. This told John something -- that he had cleansed this man of all his sins. That he had freed him. Heaven came much later." There is a lot in this episode foreshadowing Charlies future role as a self-sacrificing Christ-figure. Perhaps Hurley, being Charlie's closest friend on the island, somehow played an important role in freeing Charlie for his task. Although, I admit, I can't presently cite anything specific that Hurley did that would have accomplished this.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping up with the rewatch, since a lot of the others seem to have given up- its obviously a lot of work, but its much appreciated, I always look forward to seeing what you have to say. So thanks! Keep up the good work!

bw123 said...

Thanks for the hard work, Jo! Your insights and educated guesses are always interesting and enlightening.

LisaC said...

Thanks so much for your rewatch posts... I keep up with yours the most, they are the most consistent and interesting.
I think that Libby told Hurley the story of him stepping on her feet on the plane to cover up the fact that she was in the mental hospital with him. With the false story, he wouldn't keep trying to remember where she was from. Although it didn't work because it is the last thing he says to Libby, maybe if I drink enough I'll remember where I know you from... and Libby didn't look happy at that comment before she went off to her death.

Lauren said...

oh my gosh....watching these episodes especially 'one of them' just makes me hate jack! i'm realizing now that he is ALWAYS wrong. wrong about the hatch, about pushing the button, about henry gale/ben...anything jack really fights for in his crazy over-emotional, holier-than-thou way, you should go against.
and to think...the first time around, i thought he was right and locke was crazy!