Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New LOST Logo for Comic-Con 09!

Several months ago on an unusually hot evening, I was standing in front of our oscillating fan and had an epiphany; I knew exactly what I wanted for a new Comic-Con Lost t-shirt this year. So I called upon my friend Brian, a graphic artist who designed the current logos for both of my sites, and he delivered once again.

I am and always will be a Lost Fan; it is a designation that I wear proudly. We all do. It's perfect.

When it was recently announced that Darlton & co. were planning to pay tribute to Lost fans at the Comic-Con panel, I laughed because of how relevant this logo turned out to be.

If you are going to be there, come find me! I have several hundred of these buttons to pass out at Comic-Con, and will be wearing this logo on a blood-red tee all week. Of course I had to go with a red shirt in honor of my girl Juliet. A few fellow fans & friends will be donning the shirts as well; I may have a few more available if you're interested in joining Team JOpinionated. :)

Just a few friendly reminders for Comic-Con:
  1. My LOST panel coverage will appear on DocArzt
  2. My other television panel coverage will appear on TVOvermind
  3. I am hosting a Twitter-based Lost trivia contest for Lost fans at SDCC
  4. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for frequent updates from San Diego, Wednesday-Saturday
If you have any questions, let me know! I will try to respond to all questions and comments via FB & Twitter while I'm there (if the free wi-fi in the convention center behaves).



Valerie said...

The logo ROCKS!!!

Just had to say so. ;)

Deneph said...

Love it! Same some pins for the next Lost Weekend would ya? :o)

Hillary said...

*high fives Brian*