Sunday, May 10, 2009

LOST Memorabilia Winners; Donations Made for Maddie

Last month I encouraged Lost fans to help in any way possible when a friend's child passed away. You can catch up with the story here. In exchange, I offered some Lost memorabilia to those who either made donations or turned their blogs/Twitter pages purple in Maddie's honor.

You were all very generous and kind, and I really appreciate that. After putting your names in a hat, I drew the following winners. Please
email me with your shipping address and preferred shirt size, and I will put the items in the mail next week (after I've recovered from the Season 5 finale)! Just an FYI that I only have men's t-shirt sizes left.

Autographed Sterling Beaumon (young Ben) t-shirt
  • Karen (DharmaRecruit)
Locke action figure
  • Josie (JO-C)
Lost soundtrack CD
  • Erika O (e)
Lost T-Shirts
  1. Alixe (The Flour Child)
  2. Doug (1MileToGo)
  3. Gwen
  4. Jeremiah (AmbivalentMan)
  5. Jessica
  6. Katie H
  7. Kawnar
  8. Michael Fossbakk
  9. Pocklock
  10. Rachel (no last name)
Thank you all so very much for every effort made on Maddie's behalf.



1Miletogo said...

Thank you Jo, for setting this up and helping Heather and Mike. I'm so glad that you did this and we were able to help out any way that we could during their hard times.

Michael Fossbakk said...

I guess it's something they can never fully recover from. Hope they get better every day.

By the way, how will you be contacting the winners?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything and for all that you do to help others it is really inspirational. I wish Maddie's Family all of the best and hope that things will get easier for them.

Katie Harpool