Monday, May 4, 2009

Exploring an Epiphany: Faraday & Charlie, Through the Looking Glass

Please click here to read my theory, which is posted on DocArzt's site.



pliskin said...

Cool article. I really like the idea of seeing Daniel in Looking Glass. Because science and music..well that's just him:)

But I have a little problem with one of your thoughts. I mean this:
"Consider the following conversation between Faraday and Desmond in Because You Left (which took place before 815 crashed & long before Desmond met Charlie for the first time on the island)"

We know, that Desmond travelled via his mind to 1996 and there he has met Charlie. We also know that "whatever happend, happend". I really don't get this - Shouldn't they have known each other from 1996? Charlie and Desmond. This is the only thing in Lost time travel concept that scrumbles my head.

pliskin said...

I have some idea about "whatever happend happed". Lost is based on Novikov self consistency principles plus Desmond principles:)

Ernie said...

I thought the same thing about Faraday programming the Looking Glass when I reviewed The Variable as well.

Sorry to hear about your facebook page

Julie said...

Personally, I have always believed that it was not a continuity error that Charlie ended up on the beach, when he was clearly on the front of the plane when it crashed. He should have been out in the jungle with Seth Norris. What if little Charlie Hume was on 316 and ended up in 1977? Your crazy charlie theory really isn't crazy at all.