Saturday, April 4, 2009

LOST Weekend 09, Day 1

Greetings from Los Angeles, where I am attending Lost Weekend 2009 (a gathering of message board folks from The Fuselage and fellow Lost fans, as well as a charity auction event benefiting the Children's Defense Fund)! I am a newbie to this event, but everyone has been incredibly gracious and welcoming; I highly recommend it to everyone next year!

Dharma food drop of the evening

Last night they kicked off the weekend with a cocktail party here at the Universal City Hilton, accompanied by a raffle ticket auction for various Lost items. I won a Lost license plate frame and baseball cap, as well as an Eko action figure!

5 different tees, noted by red check marks
(Dr. Candle, Oceanic, Sawyer, Swan clock & Hanso)

I also picked up two bags full of Lost t-shirts, Dharma bags, soundtrack CDs, etc. for future blog contest giveaways, so stay tuned for your chance to win here and on DocArzt's site! Proceeds from the sale of the raffle tickets and these items all benefit the CDF, so we were more than happy to grab them up!

The ghost of honor was Roger Workman, Ben's dad Roger Linus in his future form as a Dharma skeleton.

Gregg takes aim at the janitor

We took turns channeling our inner Hostile, shooting arrows at him (although they were not flaming like the ones that took out poor Frogurt).

There was also a fierce and spirited tree frog jumping game, and we refrained from crushing them like Sawyer.

After the party, we ventured over to Jillian's at City Walk for some friendly bowling competition between Lost co-producer/writer Gregg Nations' and former Lost producer/writer Javier Grillo-Marxuach's teams! The bowling contest is an annual tradition for Lost Weekend, and there was a great deal of smack talk on The Fuselage message boards ahead of time. Javi's team prevailed, and I was fortunate to be among them, although truth be told...I am far better at Wii bowling than the actual sport. It was a very entertaining evening overall, and we all finally parted ways at about 1am.

Javi, Gregg, Bobby & Monte

Tonight is the main event - the auction! I will be repeating "stick to your budget" repeatedly to myself this evening, as it will be challenging not to bid on all of the fantastic Lost items up for grabs. There will be a few surprises in addition to the autographed scripts and tees, as well as potential guest appearances by some of the cast and crew...I will keep you posted via Twitter!

After I return home tomorrow night, I will post a full recap of Day 2 and the auction. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! It looks like I'll be checking in an additional bag for the flight...I'm off to find a duffel to hold all of my new swag...:)

- Jo


Aunt J-ha said...

How fun! Thanks for the photo updates!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love Lost, I do find this all a bit too sad for my liking.

docarzt said...

I think you mean 'heartwarming' anonymous? Remember a lot of these folks are coming out for charity. As far as the interpersonal stuff goes, it's always refreshing to know that some of us are making good old human connections across the cold and impersonal wires of the interwebs. I'd love to be there communing with the very real friends I've made over the years.

CuInAnotherLifeBrother said...

Looks like fun. Wish I could be there. Thanks for the updates. Namaste!

Becky said...

Sounds like a great time! Wish we didn't live so far away because my whole family would love this. Thanks for sharing!

bianconiglio said...

Thank you, Jo!

Sally said...

have fun Jo...i wanna be with you..ya i will really attend it next year.

1Miletogo said...

Thanks for sharing! It looks like a blast! I wish I was there with everyone. Enjoy some DHARMA wine and Ranch!

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't even begin to tell you how nice it would be to be in a room full of people who also watch LOST. None of my friends or co-workers watch it. It is so frustrating to not be able to discuss the show with anyone! Especially for a super fan like myself.

Jim Boudreaux II said...

glad to see you changed your opinion, anonymous!