Saturday, March 28, 2009

LOST Season 5 Finale Date, Time & Title

(photos courtesy of ABC)

Because I've received numerous inquiries about the date, time and title of the Season 5 finale of Lost, I wanted to provide information about all remaining episodes:
April 1: Episode 5.11, "Whatever Happened, Happened"

April 8: Episode 5.12, "Dead is Dead"

April 15: Episode 5.13, "Some Like it Hoth"

April 22: repeat

April 29: Episode 5.14, "The Variable" [the 100th episode!]

May 6: Episode 5.15, "Follow the Leader"

May 13: Episodes 5.16-5.17, "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" [season finale]
For those of you who are annoyed to see another repeat in the schedule, I will simply say this...they have given us an intense and excellent season thus far. The cast, crew, story and overall production value of this show far exceeds almost every other show on television week after week. Let's be patient. I'm confident that it will be worth the wait. If the last four season finales are any indication, we are in for quite a ride.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain spoiler-free, but so far so good. Thank you very much for not posting or emailing me spoilers!


johnnybear said...

They promised 18 epi's this season. What happened?

arbitrary said...

Not a spoiler, as I don't know any - but I really hope Desmond is the Variable. It'll cheer up my maths-obsessed husband (and yes, I know you all say math, but I'm being British!!)

johnnybear said...

I think i read it's a Faraday episode.

I stand corrected..TPTB of Lost first wanted to do 2 final seasons of 24 each = 48 epi's. They finalized on 3 seasons of 16 each = 48. so i was wrong, and they actually added one epi. by making the last one 2 hours long.

arbitrary said...

Well, since I'm hoping Faraday has recruited Desmond to help do something (again), I can still cling onto some hope for The Variable!