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Josh's JACOB Theory

One of my blog readers, fellow Lost fan Josh, sent me this very interesting theory about Jacob today. With his permission, I am posting it below! You'll see that I have responded to a few of his points as well.

So analyze & comment away! I only ask that you do so in the same respectful, constructive manner that you do for my theories if and when you disagree. ;)

In 1974, Paul was killed by two of the Others, but we do not know what they were going to do with his wife Amy. They put a bag on her head, which made me think that they didn't want her to know where they were going to take her, not that they were going to kill her.

I believe that Amy is Jacob's mother. They mention how all pregnant women were taken back to the mainland to give birth; taken off the island because as we already know, women were unable to birth babies conceived on the island.

So whether Amy was captured by the Others or saved by Sawyer & crew, she was still going to become pregnant and give birth to a baby boy ON THE ISLAND, TWO WEEKS PREMATURE (don't forget that both Ben and Locke were born prematurely as well).

Her baby, JACOB, was the only known child to have been conceived and born on the island, making him very special. In 1974, mom Amy was captured by the Others, which may explain why Jacob becomes their leader. But Sawyer & crew intervened, so Jacob may be raised as part of the Dharma Initiative, which would then change the outcome of the PURGE or the WAR that is coming (as mentioned by Charles Widmore).

I believe that when Jacob was older, he became the first person on the island to go into the well/Orchid and travel back in time. This would explain how, in 1954, Richard Alpert recognized the name Jacob when Locke told him that "Jacob sent me." If Jacob were a time-traveler that had contacted Richard for reasons still unknown, that would explain why Locke mentioned Jacob to Richard in 1954. Only Richard seemed affected; young Widmore and Ellie did not even flinch, as if the name had no meaning. This is probably because time-traveling Jacob only spoke to Richard about what he must do to preserve the island's future.


Jacob is in the cabin because he is the son of Horace (who built the cabin). Horace brought his son to the secret cabin as a young boy, which explains the entire connection!

The cabin is always moving and cannot be seen by just anyone, because it no longer exists. Jacob has passed away but remains a very powerful spirit on the island; he is held prisoner in that cabin by the ash that surrounds it. I have read so many books and seen so many movies where spirits are kept in or out by some sort of ash or brick dust. Jacob, having passed/died but still being an active spirit, has the ability to toss objects in the cabin and reanimate dead bodies on the island, such as Christian Shephard (whose body has been missing from his coffin since Season 1) and Eko's brother Yemi (who died on the island in the small plane crash).

Jacob himself can only be heard in the cabin by the people who are aware of his existence. Locke, not really believing in Jacob, heard the “help me” faintly. Ben was concerned that Locke heard Jacob and wanted to know what he had said (because he is keeping Jacob trapped there). Ben must keep Jacob contained within that ash/dust because he is so powerful, but also still needs to consult with him regarding the welfare of the island, which was Jacob’s original intent.
[Jo: we've yet to witness anyone but Locke hear Jacob speak; if he has communicated with Ben or Alpert, we've never been in on it]
Jacob is trapped in that circle of dust; he lives in a manifestation of the secret cabin he used to visit with his father as a boy. The same reason he can only be heard by the people who are aware of his existence is the same reason only certain people can see the cabin, like Locke, Ben, and Hurley for some unknown reason.

When Charlotte died, Faraday mentioned how her body moved on with the island and that they were stuck in place (living in normal time but in 1974). This would explain how the cabin was always moving before the donkey wheel was turned. Locke, who was looking for the cabin, was stuck in place (living in normal time - 24hr days, 365 days a year) but the cabin was always moving because it is exactly like the dead Charlotte (a spirit of the island moving along with it).


This theory would also lead me to assume that Claire is dead, which in my opinion is the only reason she left Aaron behind and acted like she could care less about anything when spotted by Locke in the cabin. As another spirit of the island (like Christian and Yemi), Claire is being reanimated by Jacob as well,. Claire being dead and an active spirit (not nearly as powerful as Jacob) would explain why she doesn't seem concerned about Aaron. But in Kate’s dream, she is visited by Claire’s spirit, who is very concerned for the well being on her son.


Charlie reappeared at the mental institution, that could have been Hurley’s schizophrenia. Jacob can use these bodies to talk with people, but can’t actually interact himself. That would also explain why, when Locke asks Christian to help him up (he has a compound fracture in his leg), he says “NO.”
[Jo: I would say that Hurley may have a mental illness or is just 'special,' but he does not necessarily suffer from schizophrenia. But I do love the idea that the deceased are being used as mouthpieces for Jacob, delivering messages to the Losties on and off the island!]
I would like to thank Josh for sharing his detailed theory with us, and encourage all of you to do the same! Not everyone has a blog or likes to explore Lost thoughts with people via message board/forum, so feel free to email me and I'd be happy to post for all to ponder!


Nurby said...

I love this. I love the idea of jacob using the dead. If this is not how it is going, I hope the writers are just as good as this theory, because not only was it exciting to read, it would be exciting to see!!

Anne said...

I think this theory is interesting, and really well thought out, but it has a fatal flaw that doom most Lost theories. It assumes that we've been shown all the information, all the pieces of the puzzle, and now we just have to figure out the mystery. But the only thing that you can count on from Lost is that they haven't told us everything. The writers are like Ben...always a few steps ahead of us, giving us info on their timetable. But who knows! With Lost, anything is possible!

Sally said...

really possible!!!!!thanks to Josh and Jo for sharing this interesting theory with us.

1Miletogo said...

This is a good theory. It may also be that Jacob the boy is in the cabin when the incident occurs and the cabin is directly affected by this sending a young jacob back to ancient days while trapping his essence in a time shifting cabin.

Thus a young Jacob appears out of thin air to the island natives and they worship him while a part of him is trapped in the cabin. He would distrust technology since that may have been what trapped him.

During this incident Jacob is bound to the island and gains control over varies aspects of the island.

Mike said...


lectric74 said...

The only real problem I see with this theory is the cabin and ash. Yes the cabin may be moving through time, but according to this theory it would be anchored in place by the ash. That doesn't appear to be the case, since when Locke went to find the cabin he found the ash, but the cabin had moved to a different location on the island. This would eliminate the ash being any type of anchor for the cabin.

There is also the issue of the cabin couldn't have been present to be affected by the frozen donkey wheel, so why is it moving through time?

The theory of using the dead to communicate is a good one, and one I have long thought would be explained as true.

Capcom said...

A very compelling and thoughtful theory!

And I also have not been able to think of any reasonable reason why Claire would just walk off and leave Aaron, unless she was dead and either couldn't pick him up physically (like CS couldn't help Locke?) or just didn't care for some reason.

Geez said...

Good one Josh. If Jacob needs to be contained I wonder what he does/did if he's not? Must be a bad boy.
Yes I reckon Ben has been controlling him and
Yes he's using 'dead people' to channel his work and communication around the island (this could be how he communicated his lists to Ben - think about how the heck did he get all these lists out in circulation all the time - posted them? left them on Ben's doorstep :-))
Now if he's using dead people to channel his will - is Locke a Christian Shepherd type of being now or is he 'living'?
Lastly Hurley seeing the cabin confirmed to me that he's NOT mentally ill he's just had special skills all along. Wonder if he and Miles will hook up to be a Ghostbuster Island team?
(Sorry I wrote too much but this is fun!)

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't anyone see the major flaws with this theory?! Amy gave birth to the boy on the Island named ETHAN, the crazy other who kidnapped Claire in Season 1! Amy named Ethan in front of Julliet in season 5. Come on now!

Anonymous said...

Jacob and nemesis are anceint astronauts and island is space/time machine damaged to work on earth - nemesis animates dead humans to alter time and kill jacob- everything else is these two manipulating our world for their ends.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I remember Amy saying that her baby's name was Goodwin...... Anyone else remember that????

Jo said...

Hi Anonymous - Amy named her baby Ethan. :)