Monday, February 16, 2009

Oahu, Day 2: Jin, Meet Sun!

If I told you that these hotel discoveries were coincidences, would you believe me? Because they are!

I was strolling around downtown Waikiki this morning, and recognized the green marble outside of The Royal Garden Hotel because that is where Jin first met Sun (see photo above; his head is down as he opens the door for her).
Below is my photo of the front entrance; notice the same gold ornate table right inside the door.

We are very excited to meet up with Ryan & Jen from The Transmission this evening, as they live here and have been providing excellent Lost news and analysis since the beginning of the series on their fantastic podcast!

And of course tomorrow we will be on the Lost Tour all day long. So no, I will not be sleeping any time soon. And yes, it's worth it. I planned our entire vacation around this brief trip to Oahu for Lost. That is love; I am lucky that my valentine is a fan...and doesn't mind my dedication to a television show.


- Jo

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Anonymous said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying these glimpses into our LOST settings. Very cool stuff, and thanks for sharing! I feel like we're along for a free ride!

BTW, for some reason I can't seem to comment here under my Weblog name Cricket. I have to go to 'anonymous' befor I can post. Sorry for seeming so secretive with an identity. It's not intentional.