Saturday, February 21, 2009

LOST Tour in Oahu, Part 2

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of our Lost Tour on Oahu! Here are a few more photos that mirror where scenes from Lost were filmed.

Locke, before getting shot by Ethan in "Because You Left"

The real roots

Desmond saves Claire's migratory bird in "Par Avion"

The slippery slope

Young Eko's village in "The 23rd Psalm"

And the actual smoke stack

Flight 815 tires on the beach after the crash

The tires in the prop junkyard

In addition, we were able to visit the fenced-in space where the fuselage and related pieces and props are stored.

The giant fuselage itself was covered up, but Yemi's burned plane sits in front of it.

I believe that the last time all of this was placed back on the crash beach was to recreate parts of the pilot in your favorite Nikki & Paolo episode, "Expose."

We walked a few miles to the Diamond Head Cove Health Bar in Waikiki last week, just because it was Vincent's owner's place. The dog wasn't there, but I did see this on the fuselage beach...

Here are a few shots of the main beach where the Losties (used to) camp and live.

And more from the camp, which is stored up off of the beach when they're not filming.

Although there are many mountain ranges which serve as stunning backdrops to many scenes, I only captured one.

Last but not least, I think that many of my new Lost friends on Facebook from last summer's alternate reality game failure will appreciate this particular photo...Hans remains quite close to the set.

Thank you again for your comments and following along! It was an incredible day and beautiful way to immerse yourself into the Lost world.

Stay tuned for a Lost contest based on filming locations and previous episodes! For prizes, I purchased a few extra Got Lost? tees from the Kos Tour, and they're packaged quite nicely into small paper versions of the tour Hummer!


Rhett said...

Man that doesn't look like much of a tour. Can you post a few more pics please?

Jo said...

Hi Rhett - Have you seen the previous post, Part 1? That features more extensive photos and screen shots. We took hundreds of pictures but I wanted to narrow it down to the recognizable and/or iconic scenes from those locations. :)

Pavement Runner said...

Excellent job Jo. The waterfall was most awesome - hands down, you should have jumped in and swam around. That water, touched Kate. LOL