Monday, February 2, 2009

FYI: Blog Delay This Week (Ep 5.04, "The Little Prince")

Hi Lost friends. This is just an FYI that I will be out of town on business and unable to watch Lost and post thoughts this week until late Thursday afternoon (PST). Of course I will remain offline from Wednesday avoid all spoilers, recaps and theories.

Thank you in advance for your patience (I'm talking to you, Neal Gold)!



Anonymous said...

Damn! This is the first blog I go to, even though I feel much more perplexed than after even watching Lost.

225712012 said...

To anonymous...
Along with Jo, this one is high up on my Lost bookmark list;

If it's not the first one you go to, it should be the second.

Juanita's Journal said...

Would Kate have killed someone for Aaron? Sure. Claire would have done the same. I believe that most parents would.

What I cannot understand was that you had criticized Kate for mentioning Michael's name, instead of criticizing for creating that lie about Aaron being her son in the first place. I can only wonder why you didn't question this.

"Even though Jack told Kate that "Aaron is my family too," we still don't know if he told her that he's Aaron's uncle. She might think that he's referring to his feelings toward Aaron that developed when she and Jack were a couple."

The end of this episode verified that Kate knew she had met Carole Littleton at Christian Shephard's funeral. But she had decided to keep Aaron for herself, anyway. I'm wondering why you didn't notice this.