Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shift Together, Lie Alone: "The Lie" Continues

I have to get up in 4 hours to leave for the airport but I had to get these thoughts out of my head first! Please excuse any repetitive ideas or spelling errors tonight (let's blame lack of sleep and Lost premiere hangover), and let me know what you think!


Ghost Charlie made a point to prove to Hurley that he was real, yet Ghost Anger Lucia emphasized the opposite.


Assuming that he didn't place it himself, who put the secret spy item in Ben's hotel room vent?

Does Ben has his handy dandy black baton with him?

Ben told Jack that he's never coming back once he returns to the island; is that true of all of the Oceanic 6?

Ben illustrated unusual sympathy about Jack (when speaking with butcher Jill); he certainly didn't have much for Locke or anyone else. Why him, and why now?

Is Ben aware of Ms. Hawking's visit with Desmond in the past? Was he involved with that event?


I was convinced that Bernie had military training and/or was far more than a dentist, given his Morse Code abilities. Alas, he was unable to even create fire.


We know that both Charles and Penny were searching for and ultimately found the island. Penny hired a team to man a listening station located somewhere in a frozen locale to monitor for an electromagnetic anomaly. It is unclear exactly how Daddy Widmore discovered the island, but he allegedly sent the freighter and Keamy's mercenary team to destroy it. Did either of their efforts involve physics? Is Daddy W aware of Ms. Hawking, or that Ben is working with her?

Did Penny know about her father's involvement with the fake 815 wreckage, and did she tell Jack when they had their private chat on her rescue boat? How else would Jack have known that? The only thing Locke told him before he left was that they had to lie because 'someone' faked the crash...


When the others returned to the beach, Faraday remained in the jungle for 2 hours after talking to Des...and there were no time shifts during that period of time. And did he try to stop them from heading back without him; he somehow knew the shifts would not occur while he was separated from the group. So does Faraday have the ability to pause and/or prevent the time shifts?

Why is Faraday's short term memory suddenly so clear? It wasn't that long ago that he couldn't remember three playing cards on the beach. Could it be proximity and interaction with his Constant, Desmond?


Naomi described him as a drunk, and we see him with beer on Penny's boat. Will he slide back into a crazy-Jack-beard phase when he returns?


The photograph of him holding a gun on the hotel balcony was taken at night on a cell phone. So why is the news showing one of him in the daylight? Seems trivial, could have been hotel lighting...but that kind of discrepancy always catches my attention.

Were the men awaiting their return at the hotel only after Sayid? It seems to me that they could have split up and easily obtained Hurley if they wanted to...


When someone or something (i.e. a boat or plane) is outside of the radius that Faraday refers to, is the island always invisible except when his bearings are followed directly?

How will the O6 arrive back on the island? Plane, ship, sub or time shift?


Before or after Jack revives Sayid at the hospital, does he steal any drugs to put in his suitcase for the one-way ticket to the island?

JILL (the butcher)

How long has she worked for Ben? Has she ever been to/worked on the island?

I don't know if this is related, but Charlie's dad was also a butcher...


As much as it pains me to finally seems my girl Juliet is lying. Her reaction to the time shifts was very nonchalant, as was her quick assessment that "whatever stuff we had with us is along for the ride." She knows something and is not sharing with Shirtless Sawyer and the others in the Marooned 5. Like Ben, she seems to hold her cards close to the vest until the time comes to reveal information to her benefit or advantage.


Before Sun called, Kate was on the run with Aaron and stopped to look at a map. It certainly didn't look like Los Angeles, so where was she headed?

Is Sun planning to use Kate for whatever plans she has with or for Charles Widmore?

When Kate asked Sun in exasperation, "what kind of person do you think I am?"...I had to laugh. Hello, you're a convicted felon.

Upon her return as one of the O6 and because of her criminal trial, Kate's image was everywhere. Wouldn't her cop ex-husband recognize her and try to make contact? Wouldn't Cassidy (Sawyer's ex and Clementine's baby mama) also realize that they'd met and that they both knew Sawyer?


When Jack said about Locke, "he's dead, isn't he?"...Ben did not respond. Does the 70 hour window that Ms. Hawking referred to have to do with Locke's true expiration? Even after death, can the island revitalize its leader?


Does Miles know how to kill a boar because he used to live on the island, or did he converse with a hunter from the great beyond (thus he knew it had only been dead for 3 hours)?


Caviar and salami Hurley's dad a stoner, just like Cheech?

When he leaves to bring Sayid to Jack, Hurley's Camaro is in the garage. Timeline wise...wouldn't it have been trashed after Hurley crashed it after seeing Ghost Charlie?


Why is she NOT surprised to see Hurley out of the mental institution?


After the first viewing, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that she is Faraday's mother. However, it is also possible that she's Charlotte's mom. Charlotte told Faraday that "I was thinking about my mom...and couldn't remember her maiden name." Perhaps it's Hawking.

Is the 'event window' that will open in 70 hours a wormhole of sorts?

If she is Faraday's or Charlotte's mother, is she aware that they are still on the island? Is that why she's helping and working with Ben to get the O6 back - to protect/save them from the 'very bad things?'


Before she crashed on the island and was buried alive, Nikki was a pretty successful television star on Expose. Was her death mourned by fans around the world after 815 crashed? After she and Paolo stole her ex's diamonds and left him for dead, were the police after them? I only ask because her damn show has appeared for many years around the world (as shown in various episodes), and it seems natural that the press would focus on a 'star' who perished in the crash. Irrelevant to the big picture.


Very few injuries on Lost are insignificant. And they made a point to focus on Sawyer's foot being pierced by a sharp object. I'm probably reading way too much into it, here for my visual association.


What "business" was she attending to in Los Angeles? She was on her way to LA before that surprise meeting with Widmore at the airport...


When he was held captive by the Others, Ms. Klugh asked Michael if Walt has "ever been somewhere he wasn't supposed to be." So when Walt appeared to Shannon and Sayid in the jungle (when he was supposed to be on the raft) and then Locke after Ben shot him (when he was supposed to be home with Michael after leaving the island)...was he shifting through time?


All of the characters who have appeared in ghost form off island have Constants who are still alive and not on the island. I am excluding Eko, because we don't actually see him or hear him speak (when playing chess w/Hurley).

Ana Lucia: Teresa Cortez, her mother
Charlie: Liam, his brother
Christian Shephard: Jack, his son
Claire: Carole, her mother (or Aaron?)
Libby: Hurley, her Santa Rosa cohabitant and almost island beau

See you on Thursday, if not sooner...


Sally said...

you were in my mind Jo??????????????i thought almost the same things.LOL.Sawyer's foot was really funny but i don't think it makes sense.....

Anonymous said...

Couldn't the people on the freighter see the island? If so, they were able to see it from outside the "radius" - we know they were outside the radius because they didn't go with the island, whereever or whenever it went.

Barry said...

Not only is it possible that Charlotte is Hawking's daughter, I'm thinking both of the Freightie twins could be siblings. That their attraction to each other isn't actually romantic, but sibling affection.

How bout this for speculation: if Hawking is actually Penny in the future, then Desmond could be Daniel and Charlotte's father! That would be why Desmond is Daniel's constant...

collyer said...

Hurley's pic has a white backfround because his back was to the (outside) apartment wall during the flash of the camera phone.
If Jack had stolen meds from the hospital, we'd have been shown that fact. He has turned a corner, though - he's on a mission now, to "fix" the island, so I don't think we'll see pill-poppin' Jack no more.... seeing him shaving was symbolic of this change.
One can only see the island once "inside the bubble", and the old heading of 305 was the only safe way in to the "bubble". So the freighter never saw the island. If the frieghter had been within the bubble, the smoke (from the explosion) would have still been visible after the island moved.
Miles found the boar, and knew it had been dead for only 3hrs, because he "sees" the dead & knows their truths (Claire, Karl, etc).

Emzi said...

Hurley's mum wasn't surprised that he was out of the Mental Institute because she'd seen him on the news.

Ms. Hawking - if she isn't Daniels mother then Charlotte is probably the next best guess (that is, if she is anyones mother ;) ).

Great thoughts and questions as always! :)

Jo said...

This is why I appreciate all of you and your feedback - fresh perspective and eyes!

Sally: I am not sure that Sawyer's foot injury is actually significant, but the fun is in speculation :)

SheilaLocke: I believe that Collyer answered our question; the freighter never actually saw the island because they weren't inside the radius/bubble.

Barry: Many people feel that Charlotte & Dan are brother and sister...if so, they are as creepy as Shannon & Boone together. Ha. As for Desmond being their parent...very interesting thought!!

Collyer: All great points. Thank you. I'm not convinced that Miles communicates with the souls of animals too, but I suppose that it's quite possible!

Emzi: Right, the news. Duh. Sometimes I miss the little things. :)

Nurby said...

I kind of got the vibe that Miles could tell the death of the Boar by his special sense. But then that would make me wonder, did he know how the boar died or if the boar was even a natural animal on the island. I guess if theories are right that he is Candle's son, then he may already know all of that anyway.