Thursday, January 29, 2009

Initial Thoughts: LOST Episode 5.03, "Jughead"

I apologize in advance - this will be a much shorter post than usual, and with fewer photos. I am recovering from a migraine and am not able to spend much time writing tonight. My hope is to post further thoughts and questions about "Jughead" on Thursday and Friday.

Let's switch things up a bit, and start with....


1. They bury the bomb under the Swan hatch. Remember that in Season 2, Jack and Sayid explored beneath that hatch, and discovered that most of it was blocked off with thick concrete. Sayid mentioned that the last time he'd heard of such concrete cover was Chernobyl. Faraday told Ellie that they had to seal the bomb with lead and then bury it in concrete.

The bomb beneath the Swan caused 'the incident.' There was a leak of some kind; perhaps it was not sealed off enough. Dr. Marvin Candle attempted to work on it/fix it and lost his left arm in the process. Don't forget that the bomb was already oozing out a substance when it was hanging there.

Babies that were conceived and born on the island prior to the incident were alive and healthy. Charlotte was born on the island during or immediately following the incident; thus, her current reaction upon returning to and proximity to the Swan.

When Desmond met up with Ms. Hawking during his flash back in time during Season 3, she told him that pushing the button in the Swan hatch and then turning that fail-safe key beneath it will be the most important thing he does with his life (and that if he didn't, everyone would die). The computer in that hatch was somehow linked to the buried bomb below, and Desmond WAS saving he world by entering the numbers every 108 minutes.

2. Desmond's original vision of Claire and Aaron getting on a helicopter to leave the island was a future memory; it will occur toward the end of Season 6.


We've seen a (now defunct) Dharma classroom, and Ben always asserted that tailsection kids Zach & Emma were in a better place on the island. Is there some sort of underground education system that has yet to be seen? Is that where Juliet and the other...Others were forced to learn random skills like Latin?


Besides Widmore, the other former soldiers who have been on the island include Desmond, Keamy, Kelvin Inman, Mikhail and Sayid. We know that Inman was in the U.S. Army and was recruited to the island after the war in Iraq, but was Mikhail one of the original military Hostiles?

At some point, Dharma folk took over the island from the hostiles. Was there a purge prior to the one which Ben oversaw?


When Claire's mom was in a coma, Christian Shephard paid for all of the medical expenses and Claire discovered that he was her father. When Theresa Spencer fell into this mystery condition, Charles Widmore paid for all of the medical expenses...could she be his daughter/Penny's sister?

Obviously not the same woman, but Ana Lucia's mom is Teresa and Faraday's failed experiment is Theresa.


In 1945 during World War II, many people died from radiation sickness after two nuclear bombs were dropped in Japan.

On Lost...
  • The bomb was on the island in 1954
  • An unknown solider died of radiation exposure
  • In "The Constant" last season, Faraday mentions that he has extensive exposure to radiation from his experiments in the Oxford basement...perhaps it was actually due to his work on the island bomb
  • Rousseau's crew of scientists experienced an unclassified 'sickness' and their date of arrival on the island is unclear
  • Some of the freighter crew experienced an unclassified 'sickness' when the ship was in a specific proximity to the island
After the war (between 1946 and 1962), nuclear bombs were detonated on the remote Marshall Islands (in the Pacific Ocean) in Micronesia. Could our island be located there?
  • The Marshall Islands are fairly close to Australia, and it is likely that one would fly over them in route to Los Angeles
  • Desmond crashed his boat on the island while attempting to race across the Pacific Ocean
  • Anthony Cooper and Naomi gave conflicting reports about where they'd heard Flight 815 crashed; he said the Pacific Ocean, she said near Bali...

If his battle for power with Widmore dates back to long ago, is that an indication that Widmore was at least on the island long enough to have interacted with Ben when he and his father were recruited there by Dharma?


Although I get why Desmond would name his son after his deceased island friend, why give the kid his evil grandfather's name as well? Then again, Desmond did love Charles Dickens...


Under what circumstances did he leave the island? Was he unable to return/find it again because someone turned the frozen donkey wheel to relocate it?

Did he become a rich businessmen after his return to the real world?


Is she getting sick because of the proximity to radiation? Because she was born on the island? Because she doesn't have a constant?


He is Desmond's constant and Desmond's constant is Penny...

Who else had visited the Oxford basement, searching for Faraday or information?

Could the mystery woman who is taking care of Future Faraday be Ellie or Theresa Spencer?


Did she and her crew crash their boat on the island during an earlier era? Were they really scientists, or military?


Not that he had a good deal of time, but given his flashes and experiences...why wouldn't Desmond seek out his old friend in London, who happens to also be a professor of physics?


Is she Penny's mother?

Does Faraday think she resembles Theresa Spencer, the woman he left in London; the one under hospice care?

She recognized Faraday from his earlier time working undercover as Dharma Dan....

Was the injury to her left hand due to the bomb leakage?


Sigh. She DOES know more. This is the first inkling that she knows about Alpert's agelessness, time shifts, etc.


Given that he recruited Faraday for the freighter mission to the island, can we all agree now that Abaddon is under the employ of Widmore?


I am no longer convinced that she is Faraday's mother. Widmore is sending Desmond to Los Angeles in search of her, but Ms. Hawking isn't the only woman who lives there who could fit that role (Jack's mom, Jill the butcher, Kate's mom, etc.). And although Faraday taught at Oxford, he certainly did not live there long enough to acquire a British accent. I doubt he was born and raised in England.


Was she conceived and/or born on the island?


So he visited Locke at birth and then attempted to lure him to the island as a young boy by administering that test with various items (including the compass). Was he angry that young Locke chose the wrong item because it meant that Future Locke was lying about being his leader?


Is she in that state because of an experiment gone wrong in Faraday's lab? Is she traveling through time, waking up and speaking from different eras?

Could she be the blond woman featured on the portrait in Ben's New Otherton house, the one whom Juliet allegedly resembles?

I'm not sure this is relevant, but Theresa Spencer is an anagram for Each Represents.


The comic book geeks on the writing staff of Lost strike again (and I'm not complaining). The bomb was dubbed Jughead and Widmore's military uniform featured the last name Jones. Jughead Jones is a character in the Archie Comics.

And with that, I bid you goodnight. Much more to come in the next day or so. Thank you for reading!


Ian said...

Excellent entry -- and there is an eerie similarity between Penny and Ellie.

Too Many Hats said...

Wow, love your thoughts. Some took me by surprise, but make really good sense - like the Claire and Aaron theory - my dd will love hearing that one.

My first thought was that Widmore moved the island and now cannot return and has been searching for it for years.

This is so fun. I look forward to readin gmore of your thoughts.

The Others Lost Band said...

Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise, right?
Ellie is Ms. Hawking...
Dan's mom?

theothers said...

ms. hawking's first name is eloise, right....
ellie = ms. hawking
dan's mom?

Pavement Runner said...

I think Ellie is Eloise... which would make her Daniel's mom. (not Mrs. Hawking) If Ellie somehow helps Charles move the island (resulting in Charles being off the island), then she should have some knowledge of the time shift - hence Daniel telling Desmond to locate her and Widmore knowing where she is at.

As for Charlotte and Daniel... brother and sister? A wink- wink, nudge-nudge to Star Wars' Luke and Leia?

Brian Labrucherie! said...

Hey Jo~ Its Brian (the ex sideboard dude)

So I'm here on your blog REALLY often... typically the day of a new show and then the next two days afterwards! haha.

As for Widmore... I think we all saw that one coming that he was going to cross their path at somepoint on the island... we just need to find out how he ends up LEAVING the island.

The other thing that I found interesting was that Locke gave Alpert the location of where Locke was going to be born. Alpert then said that there is a long process starting from a VERY young age as to how they choose their leaders. Ironic that those stages started in an earlier season when we got a visit from Alpert in Lockes home when he was very young. Setting aside the fact that we saw Alpert in the hospital where Locke was born!

AHHH! I'm sure you're already on all of this already, and it may have even been covered on your blog already... i just thought I'd toss it out there.


you rock.

everydayMOM said...

I also think the young woman with the gun, named Ellie, is Eloise Hawking, who is Daniel's mom. Daniel also named his lab rat, Eloise, so he has some connection to that name.

I thought the woman in the photo was the woman in the comatose state. The guy in the physics lab said that Faraday had not come back "after what he did to that poor girl". I think her mind was on a neverending time loop.

Someone over on my blog also mentioned that Boone had said his nanny had fallen up the stairs and Abigail mentioned that her sister Theresa was mumbling about falling up the stairs, down the stairs.

More here if you are interested:

Dube said...

Great post! I didn't read anyone's until I wrote mine, but I *really* like your thoughts on Jughead. So, you think what Candle saw is the same as the Swan station? I thought the same thing, except does that mean that the Wheel was underneath the Hatch the entire time? And it still was there after the Hatch imploded? So mind-bending!

I had forgotten about Ann Lucia's mom being Teresa.

Re: The Marshall Islands... I've wondered that since the beginning. My parents used to live on a small military island among the Marshall Islands, where missiles were tested. The similarities have always made me wonder if the Lost island would be from the same area. Hmm, I'll have to write a post on my parents' island sometime! :)

Capcom said...

Great post! LOL, Jughead Jones, heheh. X-D

Now, if TPTB would only name someone in the show after Maynard G. Krebs, the beatnik on the Dobie Gillis show!