Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Belated LOST Season 5 Updates/News

My apologies for failing to update you with the latest LOST news. Obviously when the new season begins in January, I will have multiple entries here every week. During the off-season I have been focusing on my pop culture blog and other opportunities, but the buzz for Season 5 is mounting and I need to keep on top of it!

As you know, I prefer to remain spoiler-free. However, when Damon & Carlton took over the lackluster Dharma Wants You alternate reality game and started teasing us with scenes from Season 5 in their Dharma Special Access videos...I couldn't help myself (visit ABC to see those new scenes; I won't post them here out of respect for spoilerphobes).

Here are some of the more interesting and recent LOST stories, photos and videos:

Season 5: 17 uninterrupted episodes (TVguide)

New individual & entire cast promo photos (courtesy ABC, link via DocArzt)

"The Constant" rated the #1 episode of TV in 2008 (TIME)

New Dharma logo revealed [lighthouse or beacon? see image above], James Joyce's Ulysses featured (E!online; minor spoilers in video!)

I really appreciate that you take the time to visit and read this particular site when there are so many stellar LOST-specific ones for you to choose from. I may not have daily updates or breaking news, but I share your enthusiasm for the show and will do my best to provide entertaining and interactive posts from here on out.

Happy holidays!



nickAD said...

Hey Jo, I began following your blog after comicon - I used youtube to listen to the Lost panel and the Visionaries Panel, and somehow I caught your blog's name and remembered to write it down. Since then, I've followed your posts and I'm pumped to get into the new season with a new avenue to get Lost news and opinions from! Cheers to season 5!

Capcom said...

Holiday Cheers to you too! :-D

2TooManyHats said...

I am so excited for LOST Season 5! Thanks for updating us and keep the spoilers away. I am looking forward to following all your updates as the new season approaches and during the season.

Dube said...

Interesting new logo! Thanks for staying updated on all this - and keeping the rest of us in the loop! :)