Tuesday, November 18, 2008

LOST Composer Giacchino to Conduct Oscar Orchestra!

Emmy award-winning LOST composer Michael Giacchino has been selected as the music director for the 2009 Academy Awards; he will be conducting the orchestra during the live ceremony on February 22, 2009!

Giacchino received an Oscar nomination and won a Grammy last year for the Ratatouille score, and was the recipient of many awards for The Incredibles as well. In addition to Lost, he is currently working on Fringe and the soundtracks for the upcoming films Star Trek, Land of the Lost and Up (from Pixar).


Tigerlily said...

This is brilliant because a)I adore Lost; b) I adore the Oscars, and c)it gives me a reasonable excuse to promote a Lost-related theme for my Oscar party!!

Capcom said...

That awesome and well deserved.

I really love the Incredibles score.