Saturday, October 18, 2008

LOST...The Movie?

According to this story on MTV, J.J. Abrams said that a Lost film is a possibility once the television series ends in 2010. [Be patient; there are a few other videos where Abrams talks about Star Trek before he gets to Lost] do you YOU feel about that?!


2TooManyHats said...

Since, I cannot believe LOST will end in 2010 - I mean I know it will, but I know I will want more. I say YIPPEE! to a movie. There is so much stuff there, I cannot imagine they will tie every loose end up at the end of the last season. I adore so many of the characters, I would definantly go see it and I rarely go to the movies. Fingers crossed.

Capcom said...

Well, I like that idea a lot. When I saw 'Nim's Island' so much of it reminded me of Lost, and I sat there thinking about how fun it would be to see it on a huge screen, like X-Files fans got to with the (first) movie. It's true, Lost is on the level of a movie production, but it's still on the small screen. If they could leave a couple of major side-mysteries open by the end of season 6, then they could end it with a whopper in a movie! :-D

Lord knows they've got enough mysteries to spare that won't all be solved by the end of the series.

David said...

No. Just... no.

First, leaving major storylines dangling just for the sake of a movie would be unfair to viewers who kept tuning in for years, not to mention just sloppy. Second, what possible plot could a movie have that would be self-contained within 2 hours and do justice to the premise? (Let us ponder, briefly, the X-Files movies...)

Third, several episodes can go by with only brief glimpses of some characters. How could they all be squeezed into 2 hours? It would be the Jack/Kate/Sawyer show with a bunch of cameos.

I want my Lost on the TV, in it's proper long-form, where it belongs and can breathe.

Anonymous said...

Terrible idea! "Lost" is going to get to go out on its own terms and not drag on forever. is there any doubt that once that final episode is over, we will all be satisfied? If a movie popped up afterwards, it could ruin that what will no doubt be a perfect ending.

Emzi said...

I really hope they don't end up making a movie out of Lost. It'd make the ending of Lost seem obsolete.

Lost is great as a TV show. I just don't know how they'd make it into a movie. They'd have to leave a lot of stuff unanswered to warrant that, and we all want the answers by the end of Season 6.

I'm a fan of the SATC TV series, and while I know it's nothing compared to Lost, I was dissapointed with the film cause it took away the niceness and closure from the final episode. And if I can feel that way about SATC, I know I'd feel a million-more-times dissapointed with a Lost movie.

Don't do it JJ!

Capcom said...

Well, lots of fans have doubts that their favorite mysteries that have been left hanging will not be satisfied, as far as I can see on the blogs. Lost is an unusual story that has been set up to be overloaded with peripheral details and they can't all be broached in six seasons unfortunately.

No way should they leave major questions open for a movie, that would be crazy. But gosh, there are so many side mysteries, they couldn't answer them all in five movies. If TPTB made one movie to play with some of the lesser aspects left over, no one has to go see it who isn't interested. And those who are can, if the movie would be about the topics that would like to know more about. :-)

Capcom said...

I wouldn't mind if they made a movie all about the DHARMA Initiative! :-D

bianconiglio said...

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