Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Meanwhile....On the Island (a poetic update)

Frank’s with Des and Penny, aboard The Searcher boat.

Faraday and his thin tie are somewhere else afloat.

Miles is on the island, wherever that may be;

The place that Charlotte last visited as a wee baby.

Juliet may turn to Sawyer, for some afternoon delight.

He’ll make her a mix tape, and then get in a fight.

Rose will yell at Bernard, because he’s not Rambo.

From what we’ve seen, there’s more to him than she may ever know.

Who the heck is Jacob, and what’s with the line of ash?

His house needs renovation; the cabin screams white trash.

Claire and Papa Christian, they’re hanging in that shed.

It remains to be seen whether she’s alive or like Ghost Dad, she’s dead.

Vincent is roaming the beach, and frolicking in the sand.

Living off Dharma Kibbles & Bits, delivered to no-man’s-land.

What’s the deal with Cindy, 815 flight attendant?

Is she raising Zach & Emma alone, a single mom independent?

Locke is now the leader, assisted by Richard Alpert.

(Kind of like Dwight thinks he’s in charge, but really it’s Jim Halpert).

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maven said...

Very clever! Keep 'em coming! I'm as bored as you are. LOL