Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fourth Viewing: Further Finale Thoughts

So I watched the finale at a party when it first aired, on TiVO the next morning, on video iPod the next day, and a fourth time last week when my better half finally had the chance to see it for the first time. My opinion about it was solidified upon the last viewing; that was two amazing hours of television. And of course the questions and theories continue...


Faraday was on the Zodiac raft when the island moved and the freighter blew up. So where does that leave him next season? What about the other no-name survivors who were with him?

IF Jin is alive, will Faraday rescue him? And if so, won't Jin's reappearance put a dent in the Oceanic 6's lie and plans?

Will Faraday be the one who helps the Oceanic 6 find and return to the island? Does his notebook contain information about moving the island too? If he is still experiencing short-term memory loss, perhaps he'll consult his handy little notebook after the events that just took place, only to find instructions for what to do in case of such a situation.


It will be very interesting to follow Freighter Four now that they are split up. Faraday is in no man's land on the water, Frank quietly slipped back into the real world, and Miles and Charlotte remained on the island...wherever that may be.

Were Miles and Charlotte born on the island or are they children of Dharma?

When Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel, they showed everyone's reaction to the sound and sky...except for Miles and Charlotte, who were on the island when it disappeared. Interesting, and never a coincidence.


Is Miles' father the man who appears in all of the Orientation videos (Dr. Marvin Candle/Dr. Edgar Halliwax/Dr. Mark Wickmund)?

Does Miles glean all of his info from dead people on the island? Did he know about Ben's off-island access and wealth before he arrived there, or was he informed about it and proceeded with the blackmail attempt? Would this also explain how he knows that Charlotte has been there before (even if she doesn't remember)?

By the way, I recommend that you watch this intriguing deleted scene from "The Economist" earlier this season (courtesy of Doc Arzt). Miles definitely communicates with the deceased, but it's unclear who that was or what he learned. My first inkling was that Ben's mother Emily spoke to Miles. Remember that young Ben encountered her in that very location when he ran away from his father in the barracks. She even warned Ben not to follow her (because the sonic fence was activated at the time).


When Juliet stayed rather than leave with Faraday on the raft, did she know that Ben was about to move the island? Did she know that the freighter was going to blow up? I doubt it, because she would have tried to warn Jack before he boarded a helicopter there with the other survivors.


Did Locke (as Bentham) visit his old girlfriend Helen upon returning from the island, or did he change his name and stay away from her to keep her out of danger?

Jeremy Bentham...sounds like Bent Them. Bending through time?


Locke/Bentham visited Sun after he left the island. She then traveled to London to inform Widmore that Locke (as Bentham) was off the island. It was probably written on the back of the card she handed him. Widmore then had Bentham killed.

Bentham's death triggered Sayid to go get Hurley and start gathering the Oceanic 6 to relocate to a safe location. Sayid was working with Ben, so clearly Sayid lied to Hurley about going back to the island. Ben went to Jack at the funeral home to inform him that they ALL have to return to the island.

Widmore knows all of this. He wants them all to return, and will be there when they arrive.


Emzi said...

I am intrigued to see what happens to Daniel. He's been too much of an important character to just throw into no-mans-land.

Anonymous said...

Over the weekend I watched the first episode of LOST with my parents (who are now hooked). It is absolutely amazing how much Sun has changed since Episode 1.

I think Daniel will somehow use his notes in the notebook to return to the rest of the group.

The Bentham blog is very interesting.