Sunday, May 4, 2008

Who Really Has "Something Nice Back Home" Upon Rescue?

After watching "Something Nice Back Home" again, I have some additional questions and observations...


Perhaps I'm seeing things, but it appears that Aaron has more toes on each foot than he should. We know that he's probably 'special' in some way due to being born on the island and because he's not being raised how Claire was instructed, but do you see it? Is this related to the 4-toed statue? Apologies for lack of a clearer/larger photo...

Why do Kate and Jack always refer to Aaron as 'the baby' when he's clearly a toddler? Why don't they refer to him by name?


He told Hurley that someone was going to pay Jack a visit. Was it Christian? Are they working together in the afterlife?

Charlie has visited Hurley more than once. Why is he only visiting Hurley? Why not give Jack the message directly?


Miles has openly admitted that he's not friends with or loyal to the others on his mission, but Charlotte is willing to help Jin in order to save Daniel from harm. That seems proof enough of a pre-existing relationship from their Oxford days.


He mentioned that he has performed animal autopsies before. How convenient, given that you're on an island with a plethora of animals that don't belong there...


Jack's co-worker, Dr. Erica, is in the lobby of their office both times that Christian Shephard appears. Coincidence? Not on Lost. Did she see him too? Is she a plant; does she work for Matthew Abbadon, Oceanic or Widmore?


Did Frank bury Rousseau and Karl? It seems unlikely that Keamy and his men would hide their kill. So what purpose would it serve if Frank did so?


Last week Hurley said that they're all going to die (even if he was referring to the game of Risk). This week he told Jack that they're all dead.


I was wrong - Jack does have an appendectomy scar in the flash forward. Please pardon my crude Photoshop circle noting it above.

Is it significant that Jack's torso is entirely shaved in the future? Does he grow it out when he enters his grizzly beard drug addict stage after breaking up with Kate?

Rose is convinced that the island made Jack sick for something that he did. Perhaps because he contacted the freighter to leave the island? Was Ben given a spinal tumor for pissing off Jacob or the island as well?

Is it too obvious, or was the smoke detector alerting us that Christian Shephard was there an off-island manifestation of the Black Smoke Monster?

Jack saw Christian before, on the island. But is this the first time that dead old dad actually spoke to him?


The painting on the wall upstairs in Kate's house looks like black smoke on a beach.


Did Miles purposefully lead Sawyer, Claire and Aaron toward the Temple? It seemed odd that they'd go that route, given that it was supposedly a secret island location, and not exactly on the way to the survivor's beach.

Frank warned Miles that he needed to hide with Sawyer and Claire because Keamy would kill him. Didn't Keamy rescue Miles from Locke's grenade and captivity? Why would he kill him?

Is Miles looking for Jacob's cabin? That's one ghost I'm sure he'd like to whisper to.

When he gets to the beach, will he visit the crowded Flight 815 graveyard and hear from Boone, Shannon, Ana Lucia or Libby? Will Nikki and/or Paulo tell him that they were buried alive?


For someone who wanted nothing to do with his kid (Clementine) back in the real world, Sawyer sure cares for the children on the island. He shot Tom (Mr. Friendly) for kidnapping Walt, and is now ensuring the safety of Aaron. Let's just hope that he doesn't spend the remainder of Season 4 running through the jungle, screaming Claire's name like Michael did for Walt.

Jack said that he saved Kate (from something undisclosed/unknown). But did Sawyer try?
More later this week...comment away!


Amanda from Michigan said...

Nice overview. It was a slower episode, but still a lot to learn. I enjoyed this entry! Great job.

(Scoopie77 on Twitter)

Anonymous said...

Aaron - I don't know if he has extra toes but that kid does have some jacked up feet, that's for sure.

I think they call him 'the baby' because his age indicates that he is a baby but he is aging at an accelerated rate.

Dube said...

Thanks for the correction about Jack's scar!

As far as the shaving... Maybe he always has very little chest hair? I didn't pay close attention in other episodes. But even if he didn't have much, they'd still shave where they were going to do surgery.

Haha! I can't believe I'm discussing Jack's chest hair. LOL.

Anonymous said...

It just came to me! Aaron is physically growing faster...just like Walt has!

briankelley2 said...

I thought the same thing when Jack messed with the smoke alarm, then "Daddy" appeard - maybe he is appirition of Smokey...

But my only counter thought was, wouldn't the smoke alarm go off due to the presence of smoke rather than beep due to the battery?

Either way, I dont think it was a coincidence.