Monday, May 19, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...for Uncle Benry


At this point, does Ben care who gets rescued? He has to be involved somehow with Oceanic Airlines, because none of the Oceanic 6 say a peep about the island (which Ben and Alpert are so protective of) after rescue.

We see him recruiting and working with Sayid in the future. Is he still traveling back and forth to the island? Did someone 'move' it without him or was he banished?


When Claire left Australia on Flight 815, her mom was in a coma and wasn't aware that she was pregnant. Mom woke up at some point between the crash and Claire's rescue. Who knew about Claire's pregnancy and possibly informed Carole Littleton that she was supposed to be a grandmother? Claire's ex boyfriend (Aaron's father), Claire's aunt (Carole's sister), Claire's psychic, the couple he'd arranged for Claire to give up Aaron to in Los Angeles, and Oceanic Airlines (if Claire informed them of her condition before the flight, which is optional).

Given what Aaron looks like, was Carole at all suspicious that he could be her grandson? He looks nothing like Kate and Carole had to be aware of Kate's criminal background...

And did Carole come out of her coma coincidentally while Claire was marooned on the island, or did Ben perform yet another off-island miracle on behalf of someone (like curing Juliet's sister's cancer) of interest to him? Remember that Kate's mom also seemed to recover more quickly than expected during the same time period, and showed up at Kate's trial.


He wasn't living in his parent's mansion and was driving a clunker of a car. He already washed his hands of the 'cursed' lottery money, so what did he do with his Oceanic payout (besides perhaps assist Sun)?

In a flash forward, we saw him crash the Camaro he ran away from in this episode. What made him change his mind and drive it? Does he get over his fear of 'the numbers' eventually?


Is she still lying and/or working with Ben? How could she have worked for and with him on that island for three years, and yet never know about either the Temple or the Orchid?


In the official rescue photo provided by Oceanic (see photo up top), Aaron is nowhere to be found. If they're so insistent that Aaron is Kate's child, why not show him in her arms instead of not in the picture at all?


I thought that he and the island hostiles didn't leave tracks...and yet Kate saw them and knew she was being followed. Do we know whether his men were leftover Others or island natives (also ageless Black Rock crew)?

Were Alpert and his team escorting Kate and Sayid out of harm's way, or were they protecting the Orchid? Given that Alpert is a time traveling frequent flyer, it makes sense that he'd secure the wormhole.


If the Oceanic 6 were flown to a private military facility, how is it that Nadia was able to find out about it and get access to go on site to meet up with Sayid? Did Ben arrange for it behind the scenes, putting the puzzle pieces into play from day one after rescue?

Did he and Nadia get married right away? I thought I saw a wedding band on Sayid at Hurley's birthday party.


What did the reporter really ask Sun in Korean?

Why is Sun also missing from the official Oceanic rescue photo? Yes, we see what could be her legs, but her absence (along with Aaron's) strikes me as odd yet purposeful.

When she went to her father's office, she came upon a heated conversation between him and some associates. They mentioned a problem having to do with five banks. So, as someone pointed in a previous comment below, did the Oceanic 6 join together and put some of their Oceanic bribery money to help Sun buy out Daddy? Even baby Aaron had settlement funds in a bank somewhere, and if the world at large thinks that Kate is his mother, she'd have access to it.

Or...did Hurley contribute some of his lottery millions and go into business with Sun? Is that why he showed up in Korea to visit Jin's grave site with her and no one else did? Are they business partners now too? Before Flight 815, Hurley did own businesses (like a Mr. Cluck's franchise and Locke's box company), so it's not an impossible idea.


Does he ever contact any of the Oceanic 6 after they were rescued? Assuming he's alive and still off island, that is. He was in Los Angeles, where all but Sun lived. And if it turns out that Michael is the mystery man in the coffin...will Jack seek out Walt?

  • Was the official story/company line concocted immediately upon the crash of Flight 815?
  • Who created and mandated it?
  • At what point were the families of the survivors informed that their loved ones were alive?
  • Were the group of journalists at the press conference hand-picked by Oceanic?
  • Whenever and however the Oceanic 6 are rescued, how is Oceanic able to get to them first (before the Coast Guard, press, etc.) to bribe/threaten them with the official story?
  • Were Charles Widmore and/or Mr. Paik major investors in the airline?
  • Is Matthew Abbadon really an attorney for Oceanic? If so, why didn't he defend Kate at her trial?
  • Widmore knew about the Orchid, moving the island and time travel was he in bed with the airline, informing them about the island's properties and ability to move in order to secure it from the outside world? In a flash forward, Jack desperately wanted to go back to the island. Even after announcing the supposed location of the island and crash, Oceanic knew that it would be impossible to return.
All of your comments have been great - thank you for correcting me and also pointing out specifics that I missed the first time around! I appreciate it. Now hit me for round two!


A fan of truthiness, that's who I am! said...

I love how you ask so many questions, that don't even cross my mind, or that I think of and then forget a second later. Awesome blog!

Christy said...

All along I've been thinking that the fabricated story about the crash / rescue was something that the 6 of them made up (because of something they did to get off the island or because they don't want anyone to find it), not something the airline created. Do we know that Oceanic created the story?