Friday, May 9, 2008

The Liar, The Bitch & the War Lord: More "Cabin Fever"

After very little sleep followed by hours of contemplation, I have further thoughts and new questions about "Cabin Fever."


Was Christian referring to changing the coordinates so that the outside world could no longer find the island again? Or was he talking about moving it forward in time?

Has the island moved before? Was it in Tunisia? Is that why the polar bear had a Dharma collar in the Sahara desert and why Ben said he'd been there before? And if so, what is Charlotte's role in this (as she was the one who discovered the bear there)?

Will the island actually move to a colder locale? That would explain why there are polar bears on a tropical island, why Ben was wearing a winter parka in the future, why Penny commissioned a listening station searching for electromagnetic anomalies in a remote snowy region, why Hurley drew an igloo (with an eskimo wearing a very similar parka) at the mental institution in a flash forward, why the recurring Dharma joke was 'what did one snowman say to the other snowman?' etc...


If she's dead (which I'm sticking to), will she encounter Charlie on the island? Is she the one who is going to visit Jack in the future and deliver a message? Will it be to tell him that they're siblings? Since Jack isn't supposed to raise Aaron, will she inform him who is?

Ethan originally kidnapped Claire on the island to run tests while she was pregnant. We know that Ben was obsessed with the island's affect on fertility and 'special' children. So did he and his team know something about Aaron before he was born, similar to how Richard Alpert knew about Locke? Ben certainly didn't seem interested in Sun at all after finding out that she was pregnant.

Ben and Locke were not raised by their mothers (because Emily Linus died during childbirth and Emily Locke abandoned John in foster care), and Claire was warned by a psychic before putting Aaron up for adoption that she must raise him herself (in an episode called 'Raised by Another' Other?).


Was she purposefully run over by Anthony Cooper, because he didn't want a child with her? Or was she hit by Richard Alpert, who knew that the island wouldn't let Little Locke die even if he was born prematurely due to the car accident.


Keamy said that the second protocol report indicated where Ben was supposed to go next. Was the person who created this protocol aware that the island's coordinates or location could move? If so, were potential future locales indicated in this report? Who, besides Ben/Jacob, would know in advance? Widmore.

[Dharma logo on Ben's parka; station name unknown]

[Dharma logo on Keamy's 2nd Protocol Report]

My friend Brian K. pointed out that the cover of this report contained the Orchid Station logo. But upon second glance, I think it's the unnamed Dharma logo that was on Ben's parka in his Tunisia flash forward (the same parka with Dr. Edgar Halliwax's name on it; he is in the Orchid orientation film, to further confuse things)...


Locke's grandmother definitely recognized Alpert when he appeared at the hospital after John's birth. At what point in time had they met, and what was their relationship?

So he's been 'recruiting' for the island for quite some time now, and far before Ben entered the picture. Not only has the island kept him alive for all of these years, he appears ageless and must be able to teleport. Does he use the same portal or wormhole as Ben? Is he third in command on the island, after Jacob and Ben?

Where the hell has Richard been all season, if not on the island?

Are Alpert and Abbadon on the same team? Is Ben aware or afraid of Abbadon?


Were Captain Gault's coordinates back to the island different from Faraday's?


Was it coincidence that Locke's grandmother tried to light a cigarette in the hospital immediately after his birth and right before Richard Alpert showed up? No. Similar to Jack with the smoke detector in last week's episode, someone mysterious appeared when smoke was pending.

Here are a few other instances where fire/flames/smoke have been relevant on Lost:
  • Dr. Marvin CANDLE/Dr. Mark WICKmund/Dr. Edgar HalliWAX from the Orientation films
  • The ash surrounding Jacob's cabin
  • The dormant island volcano that we've never seen (it was mentioned in young Ben's Dharma classroom lesson)
  • Walt lit the first raft on fire, because he didn't want to leave the island
  • Locke blew up the submarine...because he didn't want anyone to leave the island
  • Charlie set a fire near the beach to prove to Claire that Aaron needed protecting
  • Kate blew up her father's house
  • Mikhail's lived in the Flame station; Locke blew that up too
  • Eko used dynamite to blow out the Swan hatch door
  • Dr. Artz blew up when he was attempting to prep the dynamite from the Black Rock
  • Rousseau used dynamite to demonstrate how to blow up the Others
  • Kate tossed dynamite at Smokey when it captured Locke
  • Tom blew up Michael's raft after kidnapping Walt
  • The pillar of black smoke on a remote beach, indicating the Others were on their way
  • Sayid's smoke signal for Jack, Kate and Sawyer
By the way, can you guess who's who from the title? [Ben, Destiny & Keamy]

After I watch "Cabin Fever" again, I may return with more theories. For now, I'd love to hear more of yours!


AmyV said...

Lots of interesting thoughts. One thing about Hurley's painting of the Eskimo and igloo, though, I read in an interview with Jorge Garcia that he chose the subject for the painting, hoping that fans would start analyzing it for further hints and was psyched when they did. Of course, he could be throwing that out as a red herring to help confuse things, too.

But, we were discussing the idea of moving the island today, and a friend commented that perhaps that's how the Black Rock ended up in the middle of the island; the island was moved to the spot in the ocean where the ship was, and so it got grounded there. And perhaps that's how the Widmores/Hansos first got involved in the island?

My personal theory: Alpert and Abbadon are both from the Black Rock. Wasn't it a slave ship? Alpert is one of the "hostiles" who wants to protect the island. Abbadon appears (though we all know how much that means in the long run on this show) to be working with or for or maybe just for the same purposes as Widmore. Was Alpert a slave trader on the Black Rock and Abbadon a slave and the island's kept them both alive all this time?

Alternate Alpert theory: He only looks as if he's ageless because he time travels around and so the same Alpert who met Ben in the jungle was at the hospital when Locke was born and is on the island now.

Pardon me, I have another Lost-induced headache coming on.

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff! One thing I found odd on this episode was the guy who got the morse code told the doctor that he had received a message that the doctor showed up with his neck slit. Then Keamy slit is neck. So is the guy who got the morse code already aware of the time shift at the island? He didn't seem to shocked by the incident?

Also I am curious, I was wondering if you had notes on all the mothers in Lost. Ben didn't have a mother and seems to have been chosen. Locke didn't have a mother and seems to be chosen. Walts mother died and he is special. I am wondering when the psychic told Claire that she must raise this child, did he know that they go after special children that have no mothers? Did Claire mess up their plan? Would love to hear your theories on it, maybe there is nothing there, just seems a little less coincidental.

Anonymous said...

one more question... I guess this seems like a longshot, but I am curious to hear your thoughts, does it seem that Claire has been dead since Sawyer "saved" her in the attack. The only people that were around her were Hurley, Locke (we know they see dead people), Miles (he talks to dead people), Ben (I'm not sure but I would guess he sees dead people) and Sawyer (which I think this would be his first time seeing dead people). But Miles saw Christian, when he came for Claire. And that would make more sense why she easily gave up Aaron, because Christian explained to her that she was dead?

Jo said...

Amy V - LOVE your Black Rock theory!

nurblvr - Yes, I believe that Omar and all of Keamy's men have prior intel about the time discrepancy and island secrets. And thank you for the idea - I will work on "Lost Moms" post and aim to have it up by Sunday for Mother's Day!

And I totally think that Claire is dead; Christian showed up to accompany his daughter to the afterlife (and Jacob's cabin).

Dube said...

I think Amy's theory about Alpert and Abbadon is right on!

J - GREAT idea about "moving" the Island and that maybe it was in Tunisia before. Wouldn't it be crazy if the Island all of a sudden turned super cold when they "move" it?

briankelley2 said...

That's the logo I meant - for some reason I thought that was the Orchid Logo - I propse we call it the Maxell Station - It looks like someone sitting or leaning back in a chair - then being whisked away in cirlces through time travel.

If the island moves (through time) like a pendulum, that could explain some of the age phenoms (Alpert and Walt) and why Widmore can't find the island.

Anonymous said...

In looking at Locke's flashback it seems as though he has always been a man of science who wanted to be a man of faith. This to me is what is at the core of Lost.

Science = Dharma initiative = Widmore = Abaddon & Jack the doctor


Faith = Mittelos = Richard Alpert = The Others = Ben & Locke the man of faith