Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pure Speculation: Island Annie is...

I know I'm not the first person to explore these possibilities, but here are a few fun theories about the true identity of Annie, Ben's childhood girlfriend from the Dharma village on the island. In typical JOpinionated style, I immediately dissect such speculation by poking holes in each theory.

What if PENNY WIDMORE is Annie?

  • We never met Annie's parents on the island, and because Daddy Widmore probably financed the Dharma Initiative, it's probable that Penny spent a substantial amount of time there when she was young.
  • We now know that Ben and Daddy W go way back, so it's possible that they met on the island. Widmore claims that the island is his, but when Ben orchestrated the purge, perhaps Daddy and Penny were either sent away beforehand or escaped when because they knew it was about to happen.
  • Ben and Penny could be around the same age.
  • We haven't seen Annie since she was a young girl, before the Dharma purge. We were introduced to Penny when she met Desmond at the Monastery, as an adult.
  • Penny may have put two and two together when Desmond disappeared...her father disliked Desmond, and when he vanished from Daddy Widmore's race around the world, she assumed that her father had something to do with it. She has known about the island (through either living there or because of her father's ownership of it), so she also knew how to find it via electromagnetic anomaly; thus, the remote listening station in the snow that she financed. How else would she know to contact the Kahana freighter (daddy's boat) and the Looking Glass station on the island?
  • Harper said that Juliet looks like "her," referring to why Ben likes her. It's a stretch, but Penny is blond like Juliet. Most people think that Harper was talking about Ben's mother, but I disagree.
  • Annie did not have a British accent, and Penny's is pretty strong. Even if Annie grew up in England after leaving the island, it's doubtful that her accent would be that pronounced.
  • Ben threatened to kill Penny because Charles Widmore was responsible for Alex's death, but it's unlikely that he'd actually harm Annie.
  • If Penny were Annie, then Ben would have used Desmond to get to her long ago. Desmond was on the island for three years before Flight 815 crashed there, and Ben was monitoring him in the Swan hatch but never made contact...that we know of.
  • Ben has all the resources and money in the world at his disposal on and off of the island; if Penny were Annie, he would have found her by now.
What if KATE is Annie?

  • They look alike.
  • Kate's middle name is Anne.
  • We've never seen a glimpse of Kate's childhood or where she grew up.
  • She killed her father for wronging her mother; she may have taken a cue from Ben's patricide.
  • She met with Ben on the beach for breakfast in handcuffs after being captured last season, and was informed that she was about to face a very difficult few weeks. Perhaps Ben informed her of her past at that moment, and what he had planned her on the island. Remember that whatever she was told resulted in resistance and anger, as illustrated by her handcuff wounds and swollen wrists.
  • Kate doesn't seem to remember the island, so if she did spend some time there as a child, should would have to have been brainwashed. Even for Lost, that seems far-fetched.
  • Ben has had the resources to track Annie down, so he probably wouldn't crash an entire plane full people with the hopes that his beloved would survive.
Ok, it's on. Agree or disagree, but be polite!

See you late tomorrow night after the new episode.


briankelley2 said...

I'll join you on that limb... what if Annie is Danielle? If it is a possibility that Annie is charcater we know, then Danielle would be a shocker. We don't really know how Danielle got on the island so maybe Annie never left. If the dharma folks ran an experiment on Annie and brainwashed/altered her mind (similar to what Ben did to Karl) that would explain how she is the "Crazy Jungle Woman." Can you give someone an accent by brainwashing them? The experiment on Annie could also explain why Ben was inclined to kill everyone out of anger. Also, didn't Danielle use one of those wooden dolls as bait for trap?

We know Danielle was shot, but I think I'm with everyone else that she is not dead. If Danielle is Annie, then there is a strong possibility that Alex was truly, his daighter. (but the whole getting pregnant on the island and dying thing would put that as a "con") But that would be a huge Mind F if it were true...

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post!! I never thought about Annie being Penny, but it could be. And I forgot about Kate's middle name being Ann. That could be a HUGE clue.

Interesting idea by BrianKelley too. That would indeed be quite the shocker.