Friday, March 7, 2008

You're Mine, Juliet! More on "The Other Woman"

[Programming note: due to a little setback today from back surgery a few months ago I am limited on the laptop; much more to come about this episode later this weekend...hopefully]


Juliet was having an affair with Goodwin, but how come the issue of her own fertility has never come up? Perhaps Ben sent Goodwin on that mission to the Tail Section because a) he stole Juliet's heart away from Ben, and b) he didn't want Juliet to get pregnant and die.

How long had Juliet been on Ben's radar before he arranged for her to come work for him on the island? You just know that he had Richard Alpert coordinate the death-by-bus of her husband.

When Tom was talking to Juliet, he said that Harper "will have you crying about your daddy in no time." Is Harper aware of the purge and that Ben killed his own father? If she's still around, Locke could sure benefit from some of that therapy.

Where did Ben get the gas masks for the original purge? Before he killed off his people, was the sub operational and did he have access to it?

Harper must not have been an apparition, the Black Smoke Monster or something that Jacob projected...because Jack actually saw her too.

What's with Claire's sudden interest in Miles?

In Lost-time, last night's events took place on the day of the actual tsunami. Even though we don't exactly know where the island is, I'm glad that the tragedy didn't play a role. That being said, the Tempest was introduced. Mere coincidence?

Is Juliet the reason that Jack wants to go back to the island after he's rescued? I have to say, as much as I love Juliet, I really don't find an ounce of chemistry between her and Jack.

Back when Ben masterminded the original purge, he wasn't at all interested in island fertility. Something tells me that arranged for his childhood girlfriend Annie to be spared from the purge (put her on the sub or another safe place), and then a few years later they got pregnant. When she died giving birth, Ben become obsessed with finding out why. Thus, his recruitment of Juliet the fertility specialist...who happens to resemble his deceased girlfriend/wife.

Ben's Man on the Boat: Options

All we know for sure is that Locke will recognize this person's name...hell, I don't trust that Ben's mole is even a man.

  • Michael (seems too obvious to me, especially given that Harold Perrineau's return is no secret)
  • Sayid (not sure how or why, as he is already on the freighter; perhaps he made a deal with Ben back on the island that we weren't privy to)
  • Walt (also seems obvious, and not shocking because Locke has already 'seen' him)
  • Richard Alpert (Ben's ageless cohort)
  • Randy (Locke's former boss, Hurley's former boss turned employee)
DEAD {supposedly}
  • Libby (or her mentally stable twin sister...remember, Elizabeth did give Desmond a sailboat to use in Mr. Widmore's race around the world)
  • Mikhail (if he can survive a spear through the heart, he can survive an underwater grenade explosion)
  • Charlie (Desmond never recovered the body for some reason, and you know how much those survivors love the frequent beach funerals)
  • Christian Shephard (his body was missing from the coffin after the crash and there have been multiple sightings of him since)
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Anonymous said...

Currently the whole widmore video has me confused (but I am also very tired). The reason Ben gave for Widmore wanting to find the island just doesn't seem like a very interesting reason or maybe not worth it? He says that Locke would be someone lots of people would pay to see, but who would even know that he used to be in a wheelchair. I don't know I was just really "LOST" on this whole part of the story and would love to hear your theories on it. Thanks!