Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Take on The Oceanic Six

I've stated this in response to other people's theories, but I figured it was time to put it in writing on my own site.

In my opinion, we have only been introduced to the Oceanic 5: Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid and Sun.

I listen to the official Lost podcast, and recently the producers intimated that Aaron was not technically on Flight 815; he was in-vitro and not on the manifest. And if Aaron doesn't count, then Ji-Yeon doesn't count either. For that matter, Ben wasn't a passenger on that flight, so he is also ineligible.

So here is my prediction for the sixth and final member of the Oceanic 6: Locke. He will be rescued against his wishes, become paralyzed again upon return to the 'real world,' and take his own life as a result...ending up in the infamous coffin that Jack visits in a flash forward.

Care to agree or disagree? Who are YOUR picks for the Oceanic 6?


Dube said...

That would be a VERY interesting twist!

Anonymous said...

Someone from that island was in the coffin! I like your idea!

Originally I thought it was Ben -- we know it is not (we think!). But your Locke Theory sounds pretty good!

Tony said...

I tottaly agree. The last thing Locke wants is to be off that island.

mr_obiwankobe said...

Think back to the last episode, besides Sun having the baby and Jin being presumed dead, what else was the big reveal? Michael! That is your sixth member of the club de oceanic.

The funeral parlor was in what might be considered an urban neighborhood perhaps implying that the funeral was for an African American. Also there was no one at the funeral parlor: we know that Michael's ex-wife passed away and Mr. Michael didn't seem to be super social in his previous flashbacks.

As for Walt, there is a question mark - perhaps he doesnt make it off the island, perhaps Ben has him, or it just hasnt been revealed yet. It would also result in Kate, Hurley, Sun, and Sayid not wanting to attend the funreal because of Michael's murederous ways. The producers said they would reveal the final member, seemed like a pretty big revelation that Michael was alive.

Tony D said...

I like your ideas but I think number 6 is Claire. She gets off the island with Aaron and then dies. Before or after she dies Jack finds out she is his half sister which is one reason he won't go to see Aaron with Kate after Kate's trial. This would explain why Kate has Aaron and why Claire is not in the picture. It would also explain why Jack visits the coffin and why there aren't any other guests at the funeral.

Jo said...

Tony D - Not sure if you watched last night's new episode, but it was confirmed that Aaron is indeed one of the Oceanic 6. So our theories are out the window.