Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Island, Tunisia & The Black Rock: Connected?

I have a convoluted theory (no surprise), and I'm having trouble articulating it. But hey, that is what this space is for, so here goes.

Flight 815 supposedly crashed either off the coast of Bali or somewhere in the Pacific Ocean...or did it? We don't know where the island is at all.

Putting all geographical facts aside, because this is Lost after all...I believe that the island is located directly above Tunisia (in North Africa); they mirror each other and are located precisely on top of one another. Both locations had identically funded and operational Dharma stations and hatches at some point in time, which would explain why certain objects have appeared out of context (i.e. polar bears in both a tropical jungle and the Sahara desert).

In addition, there appear to Tunisian relics on the island; the infamous 4-toed statue, the ancient column that Ben tied Locke's dad to, the temple that Ben referred to last season but we have yet to see, etc. I can only assume then that there would be similar remnants from the island in Tunisia.

Also, the Black Rock ship was originally on a mission to Africa to obtain more slaves for gold, before it somehow wound up in the middle of the island. There are other random facts that may or may not be related as well: the ethnic majority of Tunisia is Arab (hello, Sayid) and Mr. Eko was from Nigeria, etc.

Here is the problem with my theory. The producers of Lost recently said that the Orchid Orientation Film relates significantly to the polar bear skeleton with the Hydra station collar that Charlotte discovered in Tunisia. After witnessing Desmond's time travel episode last week and seeing Daniel's rat Eloise supposedly travel in time, they probably want us to infer that one of the polar bears teleported to Tunisia on a 'shift' that was set by a Dharma scientist on the island. And it died because it didn't have a Constant.

Every time I think that I have a great theory, I wind up poking holes in my own thought process. Doh!

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Steph said...

Great theory! I don't see it as being mutually exclusive from the Desmond time travel episode. Check out the theory I just posted on my blog. I think they could all be connected. For example, if Tunisia and the island are in geographically the same place (but dimensionally different), then one could easily end up in the wrong area if they took the wrong "coordinates." OK, I'm rambling a little, but I hope I make some sense! :-)