Sunday, March 2, 2008

Best Episode of the Season/Series? The Constant

I have additional questions about "The Constant," but I would like to start by stating that the phone call and exchange between Desmond and Penny was the most poignant and romantic scene on Lost thus far, from all four seasons. I found it to be far more emotionally authentic than any interaction between Kate and Sawyer or Jack.


The freighter crew seemed to doubt his stability or ability before he even left the ship for the island, so why did they let him go but tie up Minkowski?

Is his short-term memory a new affliction from this mission, or has he suffered from it since 1996? Is that why hearing the name Desmond and even meeting him on the island did not register with Daniel? He must not check that journal very often.

In 1996, Faraday told Desmond that "you can't change the future." In "Flashes Before Your Eyes" last season, Mrs. Hawking was trying to prevent Desmond from doing just that.

Now that Daniel realizes that Desmond is his Constant, will he remember that? How will that affect their island relationship if/when Desmond returns?


How did he know to find Daddy Widmore at the auction house?

In 1996, Daddy Widmore seemed more cordial toward Desmond than we witnessed when he tried to blackmail him after Desmond was dispatched from the military a few years down the line. Widmore had intercepted all of Desmond's letters from prison and kept them from Penny, so what happened in between 1996 and that time? Did Desmond's appearance at Penny's flat begin her journey that they would indeed reunite? Is that why she found him running at the stadium before he left on the race around the world and why she has continued to look for him for three years?


Were they hand-picked by Oceanic/Matthew Abbadon as well? What is/was their mission? A crew and ship of that size would not be seeking just one man (Ben). Were they there under different orders than the Freighter Four?

Judging from the size of the men who crew this freighter, it would seem that they would be more likely candidates to overtake people on the island. The Freighter Four, not a very menacing team, were dropped onto the island with a box of gas masks, so they were anticipating trouble.

Is it normal for a freighter like that to have a doctor on staff? Was he also commissioned by Abbadon/Oceanic?


Why would Charlotte want to keep the affects of the time discrepancy a secret from Jack and co.? Does she know why/how Flight 815 crashed? Is she aware that a man from Oceanic hired her? Was it a condition of their mission to keep that information top secret?

Did the helicopter that carried Naomi actually crash? Was Frank's copter a backup on the freighter? Did the Freighter Four only become aware of the time discrepancy after Naomi's copter crashed?


He knew that Penny was Desmond's girlfriend? How? Did she tell him that when she called the freighter? He must have talked to her, even though it was prohibited.

Minkowski told Sayid and Desmond that he and the crew were "waiting for our orders." To do what?

Did Minkowski die because of the time travel or because of what the freighter doctor injected him with?


The main character in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five has "come unstuck in time," he predicts his own death and even sees into the future.

Faraday told Desmond that he would "unstick" Eloise in time.


Daniel Faraday somehow caused the crash of Flight 815. That is why he was crying when he saw the news footage about the discovered wreckage. We were led to believe that Desmond was responsible, but now that we know he is Daniel's Constant, his actions have to be related to whatever Daniel was doing on that date (9/24/04).
I am still recovering from my quick trip to LA, so I will be back tomorrow with more.

Many of you emailed me or commented that you thought this episode was the best one ever. Anyone care to disagree?


Anonymous said...

I like your theory about Daniel causing the crash; I hadn't thought of that.

Keep up the good thinking and sharing!


mr_obiwankobe said...

Daniel's lack of memory could be due to the radiation he experienced with the "Eloise" Experiment. I believe Daniel said that people who had been exposed to radiation could experience "side effects" after the travel to and from the island. Desmond's due to the hatch explosion, Daniel's through his exposed head in the Eloise experiments.

Also, why would Daniel choose Desomnd as his constant? If the constant can be a person or thing, wouldnt it be easier on Daniel to have his notebook be the constatnt. It would seem much easier to use his notebook, than to track down a person. Think of how difficult of a time Desmond had in getting in touch with Penny.

Just a thought


Ving13 said...

My favorite romantic moment was the parting moment between Sayed and Nadia when she says, "We'll meet again. If not in this life, then the next," from season 1.