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Lost Season 3 Review, By Episode

I recently re-watched all of Season 3, and took copious notes during each episode. In a day or two, I will be posting a lengthy blog with Season 3 Questions (by character), as well as Season 4 Predictions and Theories.

Here is a review of the entire season, to refresh our memories as Season 4 begins later this week:

Episode 1: Jack

Juliet hosts book club. Flight 815 breaks apart above Other Village. Ben sends Ethan to Fuselage beach and Goodwin to Tail Section beach to infiltrate survivors and get information. Kate and Sawyer are put in cages, Jack into an empty tank in Hydra station. Juliet is in charge of Jack, playing mind games. Kate dines on beach with Ben against her will, told of two unpleasant weeks ahead.

Episode 2: Sun

Sun is on sailboat with Jin and Sayid, unaware that Jack, Kate and Sawyer have been captured and are on Other Island. Ben finds out about the boat and orders some Others to go get it. Sun shoots Colleen, one of the Others trying to take the boat. Ben proves to Jack that he can communicate with the outside world by showing him footage of the Red Sox winning the world series. Kate and Sawyer are put to work hauling rocks at Other work camp.

Episode 3: Locke

We find out that Locke, Desmond and Eko survived the hatch implosion. Locke builds a sweat lodge, has a hallucination with Boone and other survivors in airport. Locke sets off to find and save Eko, who was in polar bear cave. Hurley returns to camp to tell everyone what happened to Jack, Kate and Sawyer.

Episode 4: Sawyer

Ben tortures Sawyer, shows him that his island is not their island. Juliet enlists Jack to help try to save Colleen, but she dies. Jack discovers Ben’s tumor on an x-ray. Desmond saves Charlie’s life for the first time, setting up a small tower of wires and a golf club that gets hit by lightning next to Claire and Charlie’s tent.

Episode 5: Eko

Others have creepy funeral for Colleen in matching white outfits. Ben asks Jack to operate on his back, and then Juliet shows Jack a video, asking him to let Ben die during surgery. Locke, Sayid and Desmond go the Pearl monitoring station to use the computer in there to communicate with the Others and lead them to Jack, Kate and Sawyer. They come across Eko, who is delusional and chasing his brother’s ghost around the island. The black smoke monster kills him.

Episode 6: Kate

Kate pleads with Jack to perform the surgery on Ben, or else he’ll kill Sawyer. Kate and Saywer have crazy dirty cage sex. Jack sees post-cuddling on monitor and decides to operate on Ben, but only if he is guaranteed a way off of the island and back home. During surgery, Jack makes incision in Ben’s kidney, and demands that Kate and Sawyer are released or he’ll let Ben die.

Episode 7: Juliet

Juliet leaves sister in Miami for what she thinks is a job opportunity near Portland, with Others Richard Alpert and Ethan Rom. Her sister had cancer but is now pregnant, thanks to Juliet’s work. Alex leads Kate and Sawyer to a small boat to escape back to their beach, but only after they help rescue her boyfriend, Karl (who was in a room being subjected to brainwashing). Juliet tells Jack to finish Ben’s surgery and keep him alive, and in return she’ll help Kate and Sawyer escape. Juliet then kills Pickett, who was about to shoot Sawyer. Ben told Juliet that he’d let her go home if she convinced Jack to finish the surgery and save him.

Episode 8: Desmond

Desmond saves Charlie’s life a second time, by rescuing Claire in the ocean (Charlie would have drowned doing so). Desmond reveals what happened just before and after he turned the key and the hatch imploded. He flashes forward, where he encounters Charlie in London, buys an engagement ring for Penny, meets a mysterious woman at the ring shop who tells him about his fate, and proceeds to makes a series of wrong decisions about Penny. After he wakes up in the jungle naked from the hatch implosion, he realizes that he flashed forward. He informs Charlie that he is going to die.

Episode 9: Jack

Juliet is put on trial on Other Island for killing Pickett, one of the Others. Jack bargains with Ben to save her life. She is spared but branded with a weird symbol on her back.

Episode 10: Hurley

Kate and Sawyer finally return to the beach and rejoin the other survivors, but Kate wants to go back for Jack. Hurley finds an old Dharma van in the jungle and becomes obsessed with making it run again. Jin, Charlie and Sawyer help him accomplish this, and then they all go on a joy ride in circles. Locke and Sayid follow Kate on her mission for Jack, and then Danielle joins them.

Episode 11: Sayid

Sayid, Kate, Locke and Danielle discover the Flame communications station, where they encounter Mikhail (eye-patch guy). Mikhail shoots but then helps Sayid while Locke explores the computer and sees that the station is rigged with explosives. Kate and Sayid overtake Mikhail and discover Ms. Klugh there (the one who gave Michael his instructions for Walt's return last season). Mikhail escapes and kills Ms. Klugh, who begged to be shot when captured by the survivors. Locke blows up the Flame.

Episode 12: Claire

Desmond saves Charlie’s life yet another time. Claire attaches a message to a migratory bird, hoping it will lead to their rescue. Desmond reveals his secret about Charlie to Claire. In a flashback, Claire finds out that Christian Shepard is her real father, but doesn’t know his name (so she isn’t aware that Jack is half-brother). Sayid, Locke, Kate and Danielle have taken Mikhail hostage, and when they encounter the barrier around the barracks, Locke throws Mikhail through it. He seemingly dies. The group then encounters Other Village, where they are disturbed to see Jack being friendly with Tom and the Others.

Episode 13: Locke

Sayid, Locke and Kate split up to infiltrate Other Village. Kate finds Jack but is immediately taken hostage by the Others, as is Sayid outside. Locke makes his way into Ben’s room, where he asks for the location of the sub. Jack tells Kate about his deal with Ben to go home. Locke finds out that Jack and Juliet are scheduled to go home via sub in the morning, so he blows it up. Naturally. Locke is surprised to find his father being held prisoner by Ben in Other Village. In a flashback, we find out that Locke became paralyzed when his father threw him out of an 8-story window.

Episode 14: Nikki & Paulo

Ding dong, they’re gone. Nikki and Paulo are buried alive. Charlie reveals to Sun that he was the one who kidnapped her (last season), with Sawyer’s encouragement. Sun bitch-slaps Sawyer.

Episode 15: Kate

Locke informs Kate that he will be going with the Others. The Others abandon their village, but Juliet and Kate found are handcuffed together in the jungle. They fight and face the black smoke monster, which Juliet stops at the barracks barrier. Juliet and Kate return to the Village, where they meet up with Sayid and Jack and then embark on a journey back to the beach.

Episode 16: Juliet

Jack, Sayid and Kate are reunited with the other survivors back on their beach, but Juliet is not greeted as politely. Claire gets sick and Juliet is the only one who can save her. Juliet reveals the island’s effect on pregnant women to Jack, and she proceeds to retrieve the injections which do bring Claire back to health. Juliet flashes back to her conversation with Ben before they abandoned the Village, and we find out that she is working with him on a plan to kidnap all of the viable women on the beach (ones who are or can get pregnant).

Episode 17: Desmond

Charlie, Hurley, Jin and Desmond go camping. They see a helicopter crash and head out to find Naomi after her parachute crash landed on the island. Naomi has photo of Penny and Desmond with her. Kate gets jealous of Jack and Juliet, so she sleeps with Sawyer again.

Episode 18: Sun

Juliet takes Sun to abandoned medical hatch to do an ultrasound. Sun finds out that the baby is Jin’s, but that she’ll probably die during childbirth. Juliet leaves Ben a secret tape recording about Sun’s pregnancy and taking samples from the other women. Desmond saves Charlie’s life again on their way to Naomi. They discover that she has a pierced lung, but Mikhail appears and saves her in exchange for his life. Naomi informs Hurley that Flight 815 was discovered and there were no survivors.

Episode 19: Locke

Ben and the Others set up camp with Locke’s dad tied up to an ancient pillar. Ben asks Locke to prove his commitment by killing his dad. Locke recruits Sawyer to kill Anthony Cooper for him, which he does when he finds out that Cooper is the real Sawyer. Back on the beach, Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley are hiding Naomi from Jack, who they don’t trust because of Juliet’s presence. They do bring Sayid in on their secret, and he tries to use her satellite phone. Kate tells Jack about Naomi and the phone.

Episode 20: Ben

We find out that Ben was not born on the island. He and his father were brought there to work for Dharma when he was a kid, after his mom died during childbirth. When he is older, Ben masterminds a purge of all Dharma people, killing off the entire community. In real time, Ben brings Locke to meet Jacob, who lives in a cabin surrounded by ash. Ben is jealous that Locke heard Jacob speak, so he shoots him and leaves him for dead in an open grave full of Dharma skeletons. Sawyer plays Ben’s tape recording for the survivors on the beach, outing Juliet’s plan (he was given the recorder by Locke after killing Cooper). Juliet reveals that she’s already told Jack about it, and they’re working on a new plan.

Episode 21: Charlie

Jack leads a group of the survivors out to a clearing, where he has Danielle show them the explosives and unveils their plan to counter the Others. Charlie comes to terms with the fact that he must die in order for others to be rescued, per a Desmond flash forward. When it came time for someone to dive down to the newly discovered Looking Glass station to unblock the communications signal, Charlie volunteered. Karl took the boat from Other Island over to the beach to warn the survivors that the Others were coming a day early. Jin, Bernard and Sayid decided to stay on the beach to shoot at the dynamite when the Others came, while Jack leads the rest up to the radio tower. Desmond accompanies Charlie as he follows the cord in the ocean that leads to the Looking Glass station underwater. Charlie successfully made it down there, only to be captured by two angry Other women.

Episodes 22-23: Jack

Ben finds out that Charlie made it into the Looking Glass station, and dispatched Mikhail to go take care of it. Mikhail kills both Other women who were stationed down there. Desmond dives down to join Charlie at the station, and he kills Mikhail (or so we thought) with a spear gun. Charlie figures out the code to unlock the communications jam, and then Desmond’s girl Penny appears on the computer. Right as Charlie finds out that she wasn’t the one who sent Naomi to rescue them, Mikhail shows up with a grenade and blows open the window to the computer room. Because he believes he has to die in order for Claire to be rescued, Charlie locks the door and drowns, while Desmond watches from the outside. Before he died, he wrote “not Penny’s boat” on his hand so that Desmond knew to warn the other survivors about Naomi.

Meanwhile, Jack is leading survivors up to the radio tower, but the dynamite plan on the beach didn't work entirely. Sayid, Bernard and Jin are captured by the Others. Jack encounters Ben and Alex on their trek, and beats him severely when he thinks that Ben had Sayid, Bernard and Jin killed back on the beach. Turns out they are alive, thanks the the heroics of Hurley and his magic bus. Well, that and Sayid's magical murdering feet.

Elsewhere, Locke wakes up in the grave with a gunshot, and sees a vision of Walt (who presumably escaped the island with his dad Michael a few weeks back in Lost time). Walt tells him to get up because he has work to do. So he does. Of course. He finds the survivors at the radio tower and kills Naomi. Jack uses Naomi’s phone to contact her freighter.

Jack flashes forward. He is suicidal and a drug addict. He is very upset about an unknown person who has died, someone with ties to him and Kate. He is obsessed with finding the island, as it turns out that he and Kate were the only ones to get rescued. Kate wants nothing to do with him or the island.

That was exhausting...but totally worth it.


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