Monday, May 23, 2011

Live LOST Finale Anniversary Chat: Tonight! (Updated)

* Thank you SO much for joining us last night for a whopping two and a half hours! Jon and I had a fantastic time discussing our favorite show will all of you. We will definitely host another chat again later this year.

I printed out the names of each chat participant, put them in a hat and pulled the following names to win the swag. If you belong to one of these names, please email me your shipping address (jo at jopinionated dot com) and I will send out the prizes next week!

  1. Damon-signed comic book 1: JohnnyNBA
  2. Damon-signed comic book 2: agentjoe
  3. Damon-signed comic book 3: GarrettR
  4. Damon-signed comic book 4: djhenryparker
  5. Damon-signed comic book 5: Ryan O
  6. Titus Welliver-signed MIB card: katesfriend
  7. Lost Poster 1: Lostylady
  8. Lost Poster 2: Meri
  9. Lost Tee: Foreverlost18

Please join us for a live discussion tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST with fellow fans on the one year anniversary of the LOST series finale!

You can participate in the chat below or on DocArzt's site; it is a simultaneous conversation available and open on both of our sites at the same time.  Our only request is common courtesy and respect between participants; we will be monitoring and filtering out rude and unrelated comments. 

Just a reminder that I will be giving away a few very cool LOST-related items to randomly selected chat participants!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the finale, one year later, as well as what life has been life post-LOST.  The chat will be archived on our sites for those of you who will be unable to join us live. 

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