Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cancer Gets LOST

Hello, my long LOST friends! I rarely post on this site anymore, but given the related topic, I am long overdue to update you.

Most of you already know about Cancer Gets LOST, a charity I co-founded with my fellow LOST fan friend Jared Wong. Our charity auction is now open, and features primarily rare and autographed LOST items that we've been collecting for the last two years. There are also items from Community, Fringe, Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest and more up for grabs! 100% of all proceeds benefit the National Brain Tumor Society, a cause very close to my heart

In just over a week, on Saturday, August 25 from noon - 4pm PST, we are hosting a live streaming charity webcast, also to benefit the NBTS.  Anyone around the world will be able to log in and watch it online. We will be reminiscing fondly with former LOST cast and creative, promoting the auction and soliciting donations to the NBTS  (and of course giving away items in return for online donations made during our webcast). 

We are thrilled with the overall interest, amazing auction bids and tremendous generosity of so many who were involved with LOST, and are very thankful for your support! 


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOST THOUGHT: Now Available!

I am thrilled to announce that LOST Thought: Leading Thinkers Discuss LOST, a new book compilation of essays and conversations edited by Pearson Moore, is now available. I was honored to be able to contribute both my LOST/Alice in Wonderland paper (presented last year at the Popular Culture Association conference) and a collaboration with my good friend Erika Olson of LongLiveLocke!  You will certainly recognize many of the names of fellow LOST bloggers and authors who also contributed to the book, including Nikki Stafford and Ryan Ozawa.


Here are the details if you'd like to order the the paperback or ebook version via CreateSpace or Amazon.  

To be honest, it is a dream come true to be published for the very first time, and in a book about a television series that continues to play a significant role in my life. I feel very lucky to be included in this compilation among so many fantastic writers, scholars and professors.  


To celebrate the release of LOST Thought, I am giving away 2 copies! If you're interested, simply leave a comment below and I will randomly select two of your names on March 10. Yes, I will ship anywhere around the globe. And don't forget to check back to see if you've won!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

LOST in NYC: The East Coast Meet-Up!

Hello, LOST friends! I have neglected this site for far too long. But I will continue to post related news and updates here (and occasional pop culture/television thoughts on Tumblr). 


Los Angeles. Honolulu. And now New York! I am very excited to announce my very first East Coast LOST fan meet-up. The enthusiasm for the show has continued on long after the series has ended, and the community remains quite strong. So I decided to reserve a venue in NYC to meet fellow fans on the opposite coast for the first time while we're there on vacation. 

LOST in NYC: The East Coast Meet-Up
Wednesday, December 7
The Loft above Professor Thom's
219 2nd Avenue
* Cash bar

I will be giving away LOST swag during a trivia contest. This meet-up is open to all LOST fans, and I all ask is that you please RSVP either below in the comments section or via Facebook so that I can keep the venue updated.

Professor Thom's is one of the most famous LOST-friendly bars in the country, having hosted many LOST nights throughout the years.  They also hosted the Lost-a-Thon before the finale, which was covered by Good Morning AmericaAnd because they have their own Dharma logo and The Numbers are painted above the bar, it is a logical location to host the get-together. 

And stay tuned for two other fairly significant announcements here before the end of the year...


Monday, May 23, 2011

Live LOST Finale Anniversary Chat: Tonight! (Updated)

* Thank you SO much for joining us last night for a whopping two and a half hours! Jon and I had a fantastic time discussing our favorite show will all of you. We will definitely host another chat again later this year.

I printed out the names of each chat participant, put them in a hat and pulled the following names to win the swag. If you belong to one of these names, please email me your shipping address (jo at jopinionated dot com) and I will send out the prizes next week!

  1. Damon-signed comic book 1: JohnnyNBA
  2. Damon-signed comic book 2: agentjoe
  3. Damon-signed comic book 3: GarrettR
  4. Damon-signed comic book 4: djhenryparker
  5. Damon-signed comic book 5: Ryan O
  6. Titus Welliver-signed MIB card: katesfriend
  7. Lost Poster 1: Lostylady
  8. Lost Poster 2: Meri
  9. Lost Tee: Foreverlost18

Please join us for a live discussion tonight at 6pm PST/9pm EST with fellow fans on the one year anniversary of the LOST series finale!

You can participate in the chat below or on DocArzt's site; it is a simultaneous conversation available and open on both of our sites at the same time.  Our only request is common courtesy and respect between participants; we will be monitoring and filtering out rude and unrelated comments. 

Just a reminder that I will be giving away a few very cool LOST-related items to randomly selected chat participants!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the finale, one year later, as well as what life has been life post-LOST.  The chat will be archived on our sites for those of you who will be unable to join us live. 

One Year Later: Reflections on the LOST Series Finale

When the Washington Post asked me what I would change about the LOST series finale, only one aspect came to mind (and my opinion has not changed since The End). You can read about it here, along with responses from Damon Lindelof, Jeff Jensen, DocArzt and others!

I was also honored to have been interviewed by MTV, along with fellow Lost analysts Erika O (LongLiveLocke) and Anil K (The ODI), as we addressed our thoughts about the series finale one year later! Below is the video, and here is the entire article

If you're interested to read my initial analysis of the finale after it first aired last year, here is part 1 and part 2

Don't forget to join us for a live LOST chat tonight! You can participate on this site or on DocArzt's site at 6pm PST/9pm EST, and further details are in the post above this one.