Monday, June 1, 2009

Frequent Dire: Lost ReWatch, Activate!

As I mentioned last week, the Lost ReWatch project begins today!

Blogging in the Shadow of a Lamp Post

I have created my own little hatch in the house for the six month experience. It is more of a corner, but you get the idea. Given the amount of hours we are about to dedicate to this endeavor, I have dubbed my particular locale The Espresso Station (thus, the modified Dharma logo above).

Espresso Station Essentials:
  • Comfy chair & ottoman
  • Laptop
  • Leakproof, micro point pen
  • Lost DVDs
  • Lucky Lost hat
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Notebook w/5 tabs 5 Seasons
  • Water
(sidenote: Lindelof is often seen sporting this very hat)

You All Everybody

As you know, anyone can participate! You are welcome to view the episodes using our set schedule, or watch at your own pace.

Who Are You People? I Am One of Them

There are 9 sites participating in the written analysis of every episode; each will be posting weekly thoughts about that week's episodes on their own schedules and in their own fashion. So you have many choices and locations to either leave comments or simply read along!
  1. All About Lost
  2. DocArzt
  3. Get LOST with JOpinionated
  4. Jacob's Cabin
  5. The Joshmeister's Lost Blog
  6. Lostaholics
  7. Lostpedia Blog
  8. Sledgeweb's LOST Stuff
  9. Tubular (Houston Chronicle)
Watch Together, Write Alone

My personal style and preference is to watch and then post my thoughts and theories here (rather than live-tweet while revisiting episodes or share epiphanies on message boards). That being said, I have the utmost respect for those who choose to do so. If you're interested, here is Lostpedia's official Rewatch Forum!

The Shape of Posts to Come

I plan to write and post 1-2 ReWatch entries per week, and stick to my usual Lost blog format; analyzing episodes by character, posing questions to my readers and offering up potentially preposterous theories.

Let's Do This; See You in Another Life

My invisible hieroglyphic countdown clock has been set for 217 days. I am ready to revisit Flight 815, the island, the Others and Smokey with a tabula rasa and a leap of faith.

I am exactly where I want to be, but I have work to do. See you on the other side.



Ernie said...

I can't wait to follow along to the rewatch. Its a long time until season 6, but this rewatch will keep us all busy. I'll be participating on my blog as well and passing along my posts to Doc Arzt for the big Sunday rewatch post.

Here's my preview post:

Todd W in NC said...

My neighbors and I started Project Rewatch tonight with both parts of the pilot.

I had almost forgotten how cinematic the pilot episode felt. It was directed so well, with all the gradual reveals. And, I see how the show's great use of music as the only sound for certain dramatic or chaotic scenes started with the first episode. I love that technique. Sometimes if your visuals are vivid enough, music is better than special effects.

And, wow, the smoke monster was busy in those first 16 hours.

shar said...

I have a similar rewatch schedule. I hope to keep up with you as my schedule allows.

Josh said...

Good luck with the rewatch, I wish i had all the DVDs so I could do it, too.

Weirdly though, even though I haven't really thought about Lost since the finale/reading this blog, I had a dream last night about the very last episode of Lost for next season... Basically, since Mystery Man can exist in other people's bodies, I must've figured that Jacob can too. It involved a fight between two mammoth Godzilla-like creatures fighting each other to the death. Jacob won. I have absolutely no explanation for that. So weird...

lostalot said...

Thank goodness for re-watches to get us through the breaks! I've just started on Season 1 again in my blog. Look forward to checking out what other people have noticed as well!

LostGirl said...

I love the "hatch" and new logo
I can't wait to read all the new thoughts and theories that will come out of this re-watch.

Hillary said...

I put my laptop on the same thing! Great minds... ;-)

Jacobe said...

Hurley was institutionalized for being traumatized after causing a deck to collapse due to his weight...and yet he does not hesitate to cross a rope bridge above a ravine.

-- yeah but, as Charlie said, Hurley was ACTING LIKE A BLOODY LUNATIC!!!

His desire to understand the numbers was greater than his past guilt, which I assume he got over partially in the institution.

Chancre said...

Why did smokey kill the pilot of Oceanic flight 815? It most likely has to do with the fact that the pilot was not 'supposed' to be the pilot -- Lapidus was. Destiny and all that. But that begs the question, what important (read timeline-changing) effect did the death of the pilot have? What is Lapidus' destiny?