Thursday, February 25, 2010

Give Haiti a Helping Hand, Win LOST Memorabilia (New Items, Last Call!)

Over the years, Lost fans have proven to have an admirable spirit of charity. I would like to call upon that same generosity now, as the people recovering from the earthquake in Haiti continue to need assistance. 

Television columnist and fellow Lost fan Mo Ryan of the Chicago Tribune is working with Partners in Health (Watch Us Care: Help for Haiti) to collect donations for Haiti relief. In addition, Mo is auctioning off various pop culture items on eBay to benefit the charity.

To encourage donations to Mo's Haiti relief efforts, I am also giving away a few Lost items. If any of you contribute $10 or more to Partners in Health by February 26, please email me your receipt and leave a comment below - you will be automatically entered to win one of the following:

One of 2 TeeFury Lost tees (Polar Beer/Maaaaaalt Liquor and What Would John Locke Do): 


Or one of 3 cast photos from Season 1: Charlie, Jack and Locke:

Or one of 5 commemorative Lost S6 Premiere on the Beach bags that I had made for the fan meet-up on Oahu in January:

One of 3 autographed Jorge Garcia photos and 1 LOST Film Crew tee (brown, size S):

Or one of 5 autographed trading cards: Carlton Cuse, Evangeline Lilly (Kate), L Scott Caldwell (Rose), Blake Bashoff (Karl) and Brett Cullen (Goodwin):

One of 10 mint condition Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk comic books written AND autographed by Damon Lindelof (specifically for the cause!).

One of 10 limited edition Widmore Publishing comic book protector boards from the DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear poster reveal ARG last year:

Please indicate which item you're interested in the most; there are 3 tees, 6 photos, 5 bags, 5 autographed trading cards, 10 comic books and 10 comic book protector boards to choose from. The winning names will be pulled on February 27. Please spread the word to fellow Lost fans, and thank you in advance for your donations!
I would like specifically thank and express my gratitude to Cat, Damon, Jorge, Paul and Sharon for their generous donations to this charitable fundraiser.


jo_LOST_c said...

Jo, you are always on top of things... especially when it come to a great cause! I, like many I'm sure, have already given to the Haiti relief efforts, but well heck, I can spare another $25 to help those that have so little...especial after the earthquake! I will forward you a copy of the receipt. I LOVE that beer t-shirt! Thanks again for all you do relating to LOST and great causes!

RowanRaven said...

Hi, Jo ~

I just emailed you my receipt. Thanks for your generosity!
I like the "Maaaalt" Polar Bear (Beer?) shirt for my number one choice, but as a back-up I would be happy with any Locke-related prize.

Thank you so much!
Safe travels to you... & enjoy!
--Kimberly F. (rowantree67)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-- thanks for your awesome blog and the opportunity to win some great swag for a good cause!

It's a tough call to say which item I'd like the most, but if I had to rank them I'd say the autographed items from either Evangeline or Carlton would be tops, then the Lost S6 Premiere on the Beach bags or one of the t-shirts (the John Locke one is pretty cool!).

I sent my receipt in an email to you a few minutes ago.

Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi Jo,

Thanks for your genorosity! I just emailed you my receipt. Since I already have one of those fabulous tote bags and assuming that there aren't any Emerson autographed items up for grabs :) , I would love either of the shirts. If those aren't available then the autographed item from Carlton Cuse would be awesome.


RowanRaven said...
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Erin said...

Awesome way to raise money for Haiti. I'd be most interested in one of the t-shirts, or else one of the autographed items, except the Jorge photo because I have one of those already. Off to send you my receipt!

evelynnes_mom said...

Love your posts & episode recaps! Especilly loved your S6 Oahu pictures! Just donated $25 to Watch Us Care...emailed the recept via FB! :) Happy viewing tonight!

RowanRaven said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Jo! Great site, and the raffle is a fantastic idea! I just forwarded you my receipt...

I'd definitely LOVE the Polar Beer tee IF it's available in *small*... otherwise, one of the signed Jorge photos... or the *small* Lost Film Crew tee.... or anything that's available!

Thanks for encouraging aid to Haiti!

rtfarr1 said...

I would love to win one of the Hurley autographed photos, but any of the prizes would be great.
I'm happy to be able to help out, and the prospect of some LOST swag is just the icing on the cake.
Thanks for putting this together.

John LaHair said...

It comes as no surprise as to what LOST fans are capable of. Nice work! :)

maven said...

I just donated via LostArgs and will email you the receipt!

Jawapez said...

Just sent you my receipt. My top choice is a Jorge Garcia autograph.

Patmc said...

Like Maven... I donated over at LostARGs, and the receipt is forthcoming!

I'm always blown away at how generous the LOST community is! Kudos to you, and to Zort and Dennis over at LostARGs!

DvdBos said...

i just sent my receipt :)

I'd love one of Jorge's photo!
Or the Carlton Cuse's one..

BarbaraJay said...

Thanks, Jo. Emailed my receipt.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for your generous contest! I just emailed you my receipt.

Top choices: Evie or Carlton autographs, then the Premiere Beach bags.

Sherylm said...

A good idea for raising funds for a good cause!

Thanks, Jo

I like the crew t-shirt or the photo of Charlie, whose death, I still hope, was not in vain.

John LaHair said...

Jo -

Great idea to sweeten the pot w/ the comic books and extend the deadline. Gives me a chance to get some coworkers to donate.

I've sent 2 receipts (one from LOSTARGs donation & another from donation made specifically for your blog).

Top choice if possible - autographed Jorge photo.

Keep up the GREAT work!

mrclean8 said...

Hi Jo, just forwarded you my receipt email.
My top choice would be either Teefury shirt (assuming all sizes available?) or a Damon Lindelof comic book. Or the Film Crew shirt. Hmmm, I guess anything here would be great. Thanks!

Team Jack said...

Hey Jo, I am posting my comment on here as you requested me to on the LostArgs site. I'm TeamJack on the boards there. I made the comment that I didn't get my receipt from them and you said to just comment on here & let you know. I did get a response back from them and can forward that if you'd like.

As for my choice of the items I am in love with the season 6 crew shirt!!! It's amazing and I'd be tickled pink to own it. I was lucky enough to be able to go to the premiere and your awesome party in Hawaii. I went to so many filming sites while I was there and got to meet some crew as well as a cast member (Jeff at your party!) After my amazing experience there I feel like part of the show every time I watch. Lol Wearing it would remind me of my awesome 5 day adventure. ;)

Unknown said...

I wish I wud win an item.hehe..but dude ("J" or "O")looks like Benjamin Linus..haha, so kool.

shyofnormal said...

receipt emailed; i included my choices in the forwarded receipt.... they include (in no particular order) lily auto, wwjld tee and garcia auto ....

RobPerrin said...

Just sent an email with receipt. All the prizes are sweet but my prefs would be one of the photos or signed cards or DL's comic. (I already have a Polar Beer T.) Cheers!

Unknown said...

Sending email! The Jorge Garcia pics and tee are awesome! I already own the TeeFury shirts!

Unknown said...

Just forwarded my e-mail. Thanks so much for doing this!

Nurby said...

Thanks for being so generous! I am emailing my receipt to you to be entered :)

DvdBos said...

Very interested in Damon's comic book, too.

Elle Dee said...

This is such a great idea! Thanks for doing it. I'm emailing you my receipt right now. My first choice would be one of the comic books. I'm also very interested in the Carlton Cuse or Evangeline Lilly trading cards, or the film crew tee.

Leslie Alexander

Weinbeeezy said...

Hey ! sorry i've been off the computer during this whole Re-donation process! i just donated from Lost Args and will foward my email receipt right now! if i got the chance i would take the polar beer shirt, the premier bag, or the jorge garcia autograph! THANKS so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, fantastic idea!
If chosen my prefered choice would be a Damon signed comic book or Carlton signed trading card, all prizes are excellent btw :)
(I already have a Polar Beer T)

Unknown said...

Hi there! Donation made and receipt is on it's way to you. If chosen, any thing signed by Damon or Jorge would be lovely.

ObFuSc8 said...

Hey Jo! Thanks again for doing this. I sent you an email, but wasn't sure if I needed to leave a comment too. If I win my first choice would be the Damon signed Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk comic books. 2nd choice would be the Evie signed trading card, autographed Jorge pic or LOST crew T.

Anonymous said...


Just emailed my receipt. My choice if I should win:

1st choice: LOST film crew shirt
2nd choice: S6 Premiere Beach Bag

JCM said...

Hey Jo! Just sent in my receipt - By far my #1 is the Damon-signed comic book!!

If I had to pick a second - probably the Carlton card, or the crew shirt.

Thanks a ton for doing this!!

TheFofo said...

I just donated and emailed my receipt. Thank you for offering these items for donations.

Angie D said...

I appreciate the incentive and it's such a worthy cause. Thanks for providing the forum.

Unknown said...

I just donated, and am emailing you my receipt.
I already have one of your Lost totes, )as I attended your wonderful party), so should I become said "winner", I'd like maybe a T shirt?

jennY said...

Well.. i waited till the last minute....

However...If i am one of the lucky ones that get choosen my first pick is...

*****1 LOST Film Crew tee(brown, size S)

Second Pick ...

*****Widmore Publishing comic book protector boards

Thanks again for everything you do!!

(san francisco red head)

Unknown said...


Great idea for a great cause!

If I win, I'd like one of the ten (10) autographed "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk" comics.

Thanks & Namaste for putting this together!

Joe LaValley
(aka @j_lavalley on Twitter)

-O! said...

Just donated $30, keep up the great work!!! (Used my work email for the donation, personal for comment)


thisoldsoul said...

Hi Jo

What a great thing to do and what incentive!!

I donated $20 and will send you my receipt under my email of Lindiggity

My choice is one of the autographed comics or one of the beach bags.

KeepingAwake said...

Just donated. Where do I send the receipt? I could not find your email listed in the post?

I like everything except the comic books. Thanks for doing this! Mo's tweet reminded me.

Crit said...

Just made my donation and sent you my receipt. My top choice would be a comic signed by Damon, followed by a Jorge autograph, Evangeline autograph and Carlton autograph.

Ally said...

Hi Jo

Just wanted to let you know that you inspired me to make a donation to Partners in Health for Haiti. Thank you for encouraging us all to give.

-allyson lyons

PS: If I win, I would love one of the t-shirts, or autographed photos.

Jo said...

Wow, I am so impressed by and proud of how many of you donated to the cause. THANK YOU so much!

If you have not done so already, please send me your receipt & also let me know your Top 2 Prize Choices! You may either leave a comment here or email me (jo at jopinionated dot com). I will post the names of those who win memorabilia this weekend. :)

In gratitude,